Thursday, May 18, 2006

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Anyhoo, I'm bloggin so I don't have to actually write something. Sneaky huh? I am Write-no-chaptah Queen of Denial. Yes, I'm being productive, I'm typin away in here, putting things down on the 'paper' as it were. Uh huh, wohoo, yes, oh yes!

Actually, I am about to write, finally at the 'fun' part of my WIP. I am loving this story. Perhaps because the heroine I have this time is so close to home for many women out there. She's over *gasps* 35 years old. She has a grown child and she's wondering what she should do with the rest of her life. And she's hoping Menopause will be visiting her house soon.

Life is messy, fun, and so full of surpises though. When the Goddess of Insanity (that's me in this case) puts in her two cents or 30k's worth of words, you just never know what can happen. It could be that she will find the love of her life, however, she will have to get through a lot of bs to see the light.

As to the hero? He's just wonderin' what the hell happened. How did he get left with a short, mean little woman that left him hanging over 20 years ago? Can he manage to get past the anger to see that maybe, just maybe there's something left to the feelings from the past.

Mm, if I get off my ass and get busy, we'll both find out huh?

So, as I watch Will and Grace's last episode out of the corner of my eye, and sit in a cyber room with a friend that's watching CSI out of the corner of hers. Both of us writing and both of us wondering what the hell are we doing? Are we actually authors editing our MS's for publication? Or is this all a dream? And if it's a dream, are we the dreamers or the dream itself.

Hell, I've gone all loopy and weird. I'm pretty sure that some chocy will cure me of my philosophical bent. If not, well, hell, who cares? It's chocy!!!!

Love ya,

PS.. yall thought I forgot huh? TOMORROW'S FRIDAY!!!!WHOOHOO *doing the Friday Fandango baby!*

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