Sunday, May 28, 2006

X3 or Half Nekkie Hugh

So, hubby, daughter, niece and I went to see X3. While, I will confess that a certain hunka manly fineness did get me up, dressed and going, I also enjoy the movie franchise very much indeed. The X-men was THE comic I always bought as a kid. I loved the fact that the women were strong, and the men (er.. Wolverine sigh) were not too shabby either.

Despite growing up and out of this phase, I will still watch just about any comic book based movie, for the simple reason that.. those men look GOOD in them tights. And Hugh Jackman looks good in anything, but would look better in my house, doing the floors or somethin. *pauses for a mo* Ok, moving on, *coughs* I may need a cold shower.

Ok, now I'm back and I have my hair wrapped up in a towel, so I won't drip on the keyboard. I can't promise not to drool, but hey, it's all good right?

First: The trailors before the movie.. one is OMG, it's GHOSTRIDER! I LOVED this frickin character, always have. Hubby is in the toilet, doin a last minute tinkle prior to his long sitting spell in front of the big screen. I go crap, he's missing it! Then I feel it, the large hand pressing on my shoulder as he practically falls into his seat and takes my hand. He looks like a kid on Christmas morning. I'm just damn happy its Nicholas Cage as the lead role. I like me some Nick oh yeah. But, this rocks!

Now onto the Movie! I tried to do no spoilers.. but eh, read at your own risk:

The story is this. Jean's dead.. (WOLVIE IS MINE MOOUAHAHA *blinks*) Scot neglects to shave or ew, wash his hair. I know this because he is on a motorcycle and his hair don't move. That is seriously grody. Anyhoo, the thing is, the bitch is back, and she has some sort of psychic PMS or something cause she's horney one minute and evil the next. This doesn't bother me, I can relate to that sort of mood swing. Unfortunately, so can hubby, all too well.

There is a flashback scene when Jean was a lil brat, Xavier and Magneto look really young and out of focus. It also shows that these two were really good friends and still are in some ways. However, my fav moments are when the blue dude comes onto the screen. Yep, Frasier Krane kicks ASS as The Beast aka Hank. He opens his mouth and does that "I am geek, hear me roar!!" thing that just makes you go HELL YEAH, I WANT TO BE A MUTANT! Then the reality of waxing blue fur off all your body sets in and you go eh.

Speaking of hair. If the Phoenix is such a badass bitch she should be able to nab some hairdresser to do a color correction on that shit. I swear it looked really bad, and she never catches fire. I was not amused, I wanted the witch to burn, but she doesn't. She is good though, in that tormented dual personality sort of way.

Mystique rocks, as always. I'm very impressed with VS Model girl. She looks good in blue latex (why blue? All the mutants are blue. Is green paint toxic? If so, put some on that damn Jean Grey!) and kicks serious bootay. She's the ho of Magneto though, so pah to her.

The movie intro'd some new characters. The big dude, Jugernaut. (he is Xavier's bro yall know.. yall didn't? Mm, comic book geekdom is contagioius) I have to give him props. FINALLY someone bitch bout a lack of toiliets. He asks, "Are ye gonna let me out? I have ta take a piss!" Yeah!! Whoohoo, Mutants pee!

The Iceman finally cometh (GO BOBBY!) Shadowcat rocks as a teenager, really good. And Rogue? Hell, she needs color correction too. Collosses is hawt.. big boy, steel wank, possiblities there. Magneto et all are always deep, complicated villains that you can't be totally for or against. He's a former Holocaust victim, who is terrified of going back to a camp. Xavier is a goodie two shoes and well.. bad things happen to good peeps is all I'm saying bout that.

But, the movie features Storm (Halle Berry who is on MY freebie list, yes, that one, sheesh!) and of course, Wolverine. Which brings me back to Hugh.. Just wow. We watched the credits, hubby bitched bout how many there were, but I want to one day see my name up there. Hugh's Package Handler, Pec Inspecter, Bun Squeezer, all of the above. Just damn!

A serious Mutie Lover and she don't want THE CURE!

PS: If you haven't seen the movie yet, here's a piece of advice. Stay for the entire movie, after all those credits, all them damn wings specials, fur pickers, RonJoho's lucky body painters(who probably have to take the anti-Viagra or something) After allll that, there is a sooprise at the very very end. Boom!


snowflake said...

I've never been able to get into comics but X-Men is one of my favourite cartoons and I love the X-Men movies. Thanks for letting us know we need to stay until after the credits.

Jenna Leigh said...

Oh yeah and don't forget HNH is there in full pec force. Hugh, is the MAN! LOL. Xmen and Swamp Thing were my favorite comics.

FeyRhi said...

I loved Xmen when I was a kid and to be honest I was pissed when they updated the uniforms for the first one. What was wrong with the old ones besides looking comic bookish. Tooks me ages to get past all the black leather but then when Cyclops askes Wolverine "Would you rather be wearing yellow spandex?" I love the look he got LOL
Deep down I was hoping they would bring back Gambet. He was my favourite, all that sarcasm and charm under a cajun accent. *sigh* I just caught a trailer on the tube last night that showed Hank. I was so excited I ran outside to tell hubby, he just gave me 'the look'. Bah, I am not growing up no matter how many times he gives me that look.