Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Long and Winding Ramble on .. comics?

Anita Blake in the funny pages!! How very cool is THAT? Ok, not the funny papers, I mean come on, this is the queen of the night we're talkin here. She raises the dead, dates vamps (hot ones ..*drool*) and works for the cops on murder cases which are usually messy. But, she is getting her own comic, which makes me go weeee!!

Also making me go weee is that hubby got it for me without even telling me about it. What I mean is, that he put it on his order list at Clint's Comics where he visits weekly. He just 'knew' I'd love it. Which, is why I love him you know. I want this comic! It looks great, the cover and pages I've seen. I can't wait! LKH seems pleased with it as well, which is really good. If the author likes it, then, hey, I am probably gonna like it too. However, I will let you in on a secret. I don't care as much about the stories in comics, it's the art that always draws my little magpie eye.

Yes, a list and a rant, the two things always seem to go together for me. At least, I organize my rants in list form as opposed to free form flowing rant rivers that wind through the banks of bitchitude with no real destination in mind. Unlike those, I do have a destination, it would be avoiding writing on my WIP called Gillian's Island. You don't want to hear about that tho, right? Right.. on w/the rant.

Comics/characters I like or in some cases, dislike.

Certain books have caught my fancy over the years of living w/my hubby the King of comic geekhood, some of which are:


For the art, you see, those comic guys can draw some BEAUTIFUL girls. (see the pic) they're all athletic, but they got curves. Big gravity defying boobs too, but hell, if I could, I'd make MINE look like that, so I aint gonna complain.. much. *glares at the artist known as hubby* HE draws the boobs that way too. This is fine, if I want him to, he'll draw a pick of ME w/the boobies like that. Gravity, ha! I laugh in the face of your dastardly wicked evilness! Who needs reality right? *thumbing nose at them both*

Now, let's hear it for the boys...

Darkness : Hot boy that works well in the dark. *weg* Jackie's droolworthy, and I'm sure the sex would be hotter than hell, I mean, come on, he has demon servant type thingits. I'd never have to do the laundry again. However, I bet those lil bastards aint litter trained.. hellishly stinky doodie all over the house.. er.. no, no, Jackie, sorry.

Deadpool:Love that guy, at least I did when he was a smartass. I'm not sure, but I think Deadpool is now serious and angsty like all protagonist heroes. Before, he just didn't give a flip about anything except a sitting in his lay z boy in his boxers with a beer and the TV.. he thought they called it a boob tube for a reason, to give you a hint as to what he watched. Blessed be the powers of cable, amen and all that. He's all up in the saving the world business now, unlike his mercenary, halfassed tude of the old days, which, sorry, makes him my fave anti-hero of all time.

Unlike, Wolverine who always tries to do good, to go against his animalistic urges when hell, he's hotter than a whore in church on Sunday. The comic dudes need to plumb this man's untapped sex appeal, but they're too scared, it seems. Unlike say, Angela Knight and other writers of romantic prose (smurt.. hee hee love it I do) about the Alpha Male, these guys keep him on the downlow. Plus, Hugh Freakin Hotty Jackman plays him in the movies, and just DAYAM!!

They push his sort to the back so duds (not a typo!) can come to the forefront in all their All-American, Star Quarterback, I was hall monitor for 4 yrs running, Boyscout glory and steal the show. Let's see, how about...

Cyclops--Nothing more American than apple pie (boring as hell too) Even Capt. America is more hip that this twinkie who is just so processed that he is like the spam of beefcake or something.. fah. He can HAVE Jean oh so boring Grey I like her better as Phoenix anyways!

Professor X-- Yeah, yeah, he's smart but COME ON PEOPLE! he has a hover-round. I mean, seriously, the dude's rich and all, but Anna Nicole got jackshit for that sort of rellie, and HER boobs do stand up like the comic vixens. Even more importantly, do they make Viagra for Mutants? I think.. no. Yet they keep him in the spotlight and put my Wolvie in the shadows. *sniffles* How bout Professor's nemesis, Magneto? Maybe.. he's er.. I bet he's kinky as hell.

Superman-- *blink blink blink* In my opinion, they have downplayed that whole Man Of Steel thing waaayyy too much. Unless he looks like Tom Welling,(Steelcake? Buns of Steel?) then, I will only say this: "Bow down before Jenn, son of Jor-El!" and leave the rest in my imagination where it belongs and can't get me arrested.

Batman-- Sux! Gadgets, nice lips, all that, and just they waste it. gah! And that Robin seriously cramps his style.. fffth. Not mentioning Batgirl, not not not!!

Spidey-- He's been 22 for like EVER.. ew. GROW UP!! and keep your freaky spider webs to yourself. Ick, spiders, ick.

Jethro, puleeze! Girls like the bad boy, the loner, the dude in black. Make him the hero of your comic and the estrogen carriers will flood the comic stores, making them all smell much better in the least and at worst, comic boys get to scope out the chicks. Real ones, that you know, won't give you papercuts during sex. *weg* So.. artboys, give us a hot piece of beefcake we girls can sink our teeth into !!!

Erm... that's it, I guess. Except to say, if I've offended any other comic lovers, I'm not sorry. This is my opinion, and as this is America, I can express it. However, don't be sending any deathrays and crap down here at me, as I have my own rather large and intimidating comic dude in residence. He' s mean, evil, wickedly intelligent and will protect the maker of the best pot roast in the world with his last breath. *grins* If that isn't bad enough, I do have a teenager. Yeah, reality is scarier than fiction in some cases..

Not bad, just drawn that way...

Jenna Leigh
Who is insane, bored and angry at Yahoo for killing off the groups for the past few days. Ya'll best fix it, else we will rise up and be all mean to you and some junk. I believe I've illustrated my abilities in this and previous blogs.


Deshanna said...

Right on Jenn! However you did forget one of my fave comics(for men) Darkchild (sp? I'm not sure if it's got that dratted y in the spelling. Freaks.)The chick is blonde tall and wears mostly nothing. Imagine that. Heck I don't even know if they still have runs of that series. mew. You know I just bet Magneto has piercings. Will that is eww, I could totally see h im having them. Now I shall go cackle evilly at work and make the males I work with twitch. *adjusting halo so that it covers the hornays* :)

Jenna Leigh said...

I think it's Darkchylde. Not sure, but I remember her, she had them big old wings out her back that tore her shirt in just the right spot to show the most boobage w/out gettin a censor on the cover. *grins* I'm not even sure if they still have it. Hubby didn't buy it, so, I didn't get into it. I used to buy Swampthing, Xmen, and a few others when I was a kid.