Monday, May 29, 2006

Five Cup Review from Coffee Time Romance!!

Good to the last drop.
Ahh, nothing like a cup of coffee is there?
Well, only if it is FIVE CUPS! Yes, that's five out of five cups of coffee for Braless!! Whoohoo! I'm so happy. Thanks so much to the lovely reviewer, Wateena for having the wacky sense of humor to 'get' my own form of insanity. I've attached the link to CTR to her name and signature line. I hope you all have as wonderful day as I am right now.

ISBN:1-897261-50-0/ 1-897261-60-8
April 2006Champagne Books
122 PageRomantic Comedy
Rating: 5 cups

Allie Stephenson is a divorced mother with one son, MJ, and lives in a cul-de-sac near all of her busy-body friends. Allie has a passion for chocolate and sexy fantasies that include a man name Nikko, except the fantasy changed when Allie meets her sexy new neighbor Jake Donally. Uh, her fantasies, that is, not her chocolate. Now Jake is the star of her fantasies. Allie wonders if she can get him to make those real.

Jake Donally is an FBI agent looking into the financial background of Allie Stephenson’s ex husband. He has to find out if Allie is involved. So he goes undercover and moveds into her neighborhood right behind her house. But Jake finds Allie has absolutely nothing to hide. What you see with Allie is what you get, literally. Jack finds Allie very attractive and wants to get to know her better, and not just for the case.

As Jake and Allie become closer, Jake realizes one thing: Allie is not involved, but as this case gets deeper, Allie’s ex husband suddenly wants the laptop he gave his son for his birthday present last year. After a few run ins with her ex, Allie is concerned that her husband is up to something, but what? Jake is close to closing the case. Then he would be able to tell Allie how he feels. But would Allie want him after he tells her he has also lied to her?

A rip roaring, tickling good time is what you get when you read this book. From tender moments to moms gone wild, you will be so entertained by this tale, you will have tears streaming down your face. Exceptionally written characters with history, and some very interesting secondary characters with no history, keep this story alive with their meddling, caring, and snippy dialogue. Some happenings are so realistic, every woman who has been there will surely love it. For a good laugh and an extraordinary good time, this is a must read.

Reviewer For Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer For Karen Find Out About New Books

Jenna Leigh the insanely happy author.

PS: Hubby got his book cover today, coming soon to a blog near you. The Michelangelo Blues

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