Monday, May 01, 2006

Brought to you by the Not Ready for Prime Time Writer

Alrighty, I got some news today that makes me a little nervous. I may be on *gulps* television. It is to plug my book, I'm happy to do that, however, I'm not the sort of person that does well in a setting where I get nervous. What if it's live and I fall off the chair, or you know, go off on a Springer-worthy rant that makes the censors flip out and have heart attacks? Can I live with that on my conscience? Ok, yes, censors, maybe, but my mother having a hissy fit? NO! Even more scary is the thought that as of today, my book goes on sale. *blinks*

Another horrific thought just occurred to me. Next month is my family reunion. They're going to be nice to me, I just know it. OMG! What am I gonna do? I won't know how to act!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!

*takes a deep breath*

Ok, I'm calm. Despite the fact that I've mined that particular genetic pool for many of my sly and witty bon mots, angst, and insane sort of scenarios, I do love my family. In the way you love that scary tiger in the cage at the zoo. Yeah, you guessed it, from a distance of at least 12 feet and behind bars. Them, not me. I don't do iron bars, never have, unlike some of my relatives on both sides of the family. Why you ask? Why sugah, I'm way too sneaky to get caught. *winks*

I shot the Monday.. but the weekend is safe from me

Jenna Leigh
Insane in the Membrane

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