Saturday, May 13, 2006

That river in S. America? NOPE the other Amazon

Whoho! Yeah baby yeah. I'm on Amazon! To me, a person that shops there so often, this is sort of a sign that I'm for real now. I realize that this doesn't mean that people will buy it. Although, I must say, it has one lovely review already. Penned by a lovely, sweet, caring individual who I will not name, except to say that she is a closet mushy girl. I have discussed this with others and we feel she will remain in this closet so she can admire her shoe collection. Or, if nothing else, catelog them into their different shades according to the color chart she printed out, which correlated with her birth sign. *snorts* The Glamazon and her amazing powers of organization are all but a smoke screen to hide what is by and large and soft and caring heart. I love you Glamazon, and your lil shoes too.

who goes barefoot so she won't have to compete for shoes with the Pedi-predator


Karen said...

Nothing about me is large except my attitude, missy. Heart? Don't have one. I am like the Grinch. It is all small and shriveled. So there!

Jenna Leigh said...

yeah yeah, it's grown three sizes. Be glad it's your heart, not your feet. *grins*