Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Meems

Yes, it was yesterday, however, that doesn't mean I can't take a day to decide just how to put here, how much this woman means to me. The picture above represents air. This is one of the elemental things that I don't really understand. I've been told I'm a king, I'm water and all that, which basically means, I'm a bossy bitch that cries alot.

However, Meems, is something else altogether. To me at least, she's airy, full of light and strong of purpose. She's different than me in so many ways, yet, from experience, I know she meshes with me almost seamlessly in writing, chatting and most every day life type things.

Her ponderous thoughts on Pooh, Pancakes, Pagans and other things are always fun, witty and full of the best of her humor and kindness. She doesn't take offense easily, however, she can 'git ill' as the old sayin goes, when called for, especially in defense of a friend. She calls her writing drivel, but in the best possible way. (it's good, hot and steamy shut UP MEEMS!!) Mine's dreck, her's drivel, another's is crap, it's all good and it works for us, so eh.

So, she's another year older, more than like wiser, unlike myself. I love that she sees her life as a path, a journey and seems to look forward to whatever is around the next bend. From the Watergirl to the AirQueen.. today, yesterday and tomorrow shall are all Meme days, for all time, the best friend, the sweetest, the kindest, and the biggest of hearts. Love you Meems, and you're big old Pooh too.

Still the King


Karen said...

You put that so very nicely, WaterHo. Happy Birthday, Meme (who is the sweetest, forever and ever, world without end)

Mechele Armstrong said...

Happy birthday, Meme! Sorry I'm late but *hands a special cookie with icing*. (((Hugs)))