Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Let me tell ya a story bout a girl named Jenn

A poor authoress barely kept her family fed... Ok, fine, that's exaggerating it but only slightly. Today, I go to take the mail down and when I get back I have a message on my desk. The name looks slightly familiar in that, you know this girl but she has a different last name now type of way.

The song lyric stating sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, well, depending on where I go, is what I get called, same for B as I'm calling her as I don't want to name her in my blog w/out her permission, how rude!

I get back from the on the sly ciggie break and see the message and go.. mm, and call it goes this way.

B: Jenn! Did you write a book?
I immediately know this is the B who I thought.. *grins*
Jenn: Yeah, girl!
*pauses* She and I and a few other girls all played summer softball under the aegis of a coach who while HE didn't drink like Walter Matthau's character in Bad News Bears, our winning streak was just as sucky. On further thought, if he did drink, we drove him to it. Crap, that's fine, but we aren't paying for any of his expenses.. I mean it. I shall blame T. and maybe P. Back to the convo..

B: OMG! You did NOT!
Jenn: OMG I did TOO!
B: Did NOT
Jenn: Did TOO! *snorts*
variations on I cannot believe THIS!! and then the story of L. ,who got her autographed copy and apparently smugged about it at her cuz J., who is also B's cuz, and came to tell HER. (do I need to draw a diagram? Or would a family tree help?)
B: Are you having a signing, where can I buy it?
Jenn: Well urm, online is all I know of right now as ze Book Nazi has stonewalled me for now. I'm working on a signing, but I was in the town paper here.
B: Oh yeah? We'll see about that, you must come to our parish!! I'll call you back in a minute k? It is ok if I call the paper, right?
Jenn: Well yes OMG you know I don't care..

Shut up, we do talk this way, it's just er.. oh shut UP!

Minutes pass during which time co-worker is giving me the 'share the drugs you stingy heifer' look. I ignore her, I don't share my drugs *sips drug of choice, which is Diet Pepsi* She can't have any, as she is now the Diabetic Diva and it will make her cankles swell, and we'll have to cut off her foot (her words, swear)

B calls back: I called the gazette, I called so and so and oh yeah, the Monroe paper and well, I called this bookstore and asked them to order my book. They say, no prob and when I mentioned you are a local author, they said they'd be happy to do a signing..

*blinks* Exsqueeze me? B? you are the promo queen! All my work done for me in one short phone call? Can I marry you.. ok, no wait.. I know! I shall blog you and immortalize you in print forevermore! Well, at least your first initial, but if you see this, honey, you know who you are, thanks soo soo much!

From one Southern Belle to another.. Thanks again and Yeeehaw!

I do some of my own promoing though, honest!! The tentative date for the booksigning here in Strop City is June 15 from 5pm to 7pm. But, I'm not the surest on that.

Who thanks God she's a country girl!


Michelle B said...

Congrats on your (first?) signing, Jenna! If it was a little closer to me, I'd so be there:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats are again in order. Champagne has you as there best selling book & author. Just in awe over all this excitement. Can't wait for my copy.
Connie R.

Jenna Leigh said...

Connie Ray? Is this THE Connie Ray? LOL I thought it was, but didn't wanna get all up in my OMG speil if not. I hope you like it!! Why so surprised? You know all that meanness had to go somewhere *grins*