Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I can feel it comin in the air tonight.. so, hold on.

Phil Collins may not have been speaking of what I am, but like a bloodhound, I can pick up the scent, the vibe, the very aura of the coming weekend. My ears perk, my eyes sparkle, other parts...

.. I'm not tellin yall that, you dirty monkeys. And yes, I do see you. I have a webcam that goes in reverse.. MOOOHAHAHAH!

Anyways, I of course, speak of the weekend. The beauty of a Friday after you've gotten off work cannot be overexposed in my opinion.

I love them, I live for them. Fridays are the things that a writer's dreams are made of. Screw wantin a Sunday kinda love. I want that Friday Night Fandango to last and last and last. The Big Red of Weekends is my fantasy.

McHottyHeyheyhey! is another. He's the loose inspiration of my the hero in my WIP. I love Mack. He's a little bit of a redneck (mmm, surprised? naw) rough around the edges, not too pretty, but, hell, he's hot! I like that pic of Matthew because his hair looks darker. *mutters something about the lack of shirt having a bit to do with it..cough cough cough* Dang, sorry there was a hunk a something in my throat. Probably the site of the beefcake, but I'm not admittin to a thing.

I hope all of you are enjoying your Humpday.. but, just remember, tomorrow is Friday Eve.. get your weekend stuff all lined up early so you too can enjoy it!

The Self Elected President of the I love Friday Club. I'll be a good prez, and can only be bribed with the finest of chocy. It goes in my presidential cabinet dontcha know?

P.S. Yall shut up, I can say I'm the prez if I want, you shoulda thought of it first. What? Fine, then I shall be Jennzilla, the Friday Goddess.. wohoooooo!!!
Do the Friday Fandango!! *shakin butt*

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snowflake said...

Do you have a preference for dark haired heroes? I prefer Matthew when his hair has those golden highlights.