Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let's Hear It For the Sacrificial Goats of the World

I work with a bunch of freakos and I wouldn't change that for all the tea in China. The powerball, that's a different story now. If I win that I'm outta there fast as my stumpy little legs will carry me. They know it and what's more, they'll cheer as I totter out the door with both middle fingers in the air. They also know I'm not pointin those fingers at them, but at..ok.. that's another story too, one that could get me fired, so I'll keep it to myself, in my dark bitter evil heart where it can fester and grow and .. er.. well, never you mind. BWAHAHAH!

Anways, the point is, and I do have one, believe it or not, is that despite the freako-ishness of my coworkers, I'm mighty proud of them. The one that works in front with me in particular today as a matter of fact. She, lets call her Evil Edith.. cuz, well, she is. Evil Edith.. EE for short joined the military when she got out of highschool oh so many years ago. *sings* She's older than me tra la la. By one year, but it counts. During her stint, she always gave blood.. ALWAYS!

We work in the hospital and they come round now, and she ALWAYS donates still. ALWAYS. I'd like to take this opportunity to say how much that means to me. Even though I did call her the sacrifical goat for our department.. because when they asked, I said EE went, I can't go! *blink blink blink* I must hold down ze fort! I am very very sorry. The big bad supervisor hid in the back, if you must know. Chicken. At least I have a valid excuse, I'm on meds that prevent me from doing so, or I would for real. And really would you want my crazy, chocy corrupted blood running round in your veins? Think about it.. Yeah, you'd be sayin yall and eatin tater salad before the day was out. Although this would help with my plans for world domination. Hmm, decisions decisions. Anyway..

To EE the Sacrifical Goat.. You're BAAADDD in all senses of the word. *salutes!*

Bok You,

Your Nemesis,
Jenn el Chicken

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