Friday, March 02, 2007

Compromising My Principles

Ok, not as a writer. I really haven't got all that many yet, actually. I just tell my stories to the best of my ability and hope people like it, or at least doesn't hate it enough to yell at me about it.

No, I mean about what I will and will not sit (in a highly uncomfy chair mind you), in a dark smelly cold theater for over two hours to see. I'm talking about 300 starring the admittedly hunkified GB. (Bows to NeeGnome's taste in hunks) I know he's hot, I know he's half nekkid in most of the film, but from what I see it's all fighting and frankly, um.. ew. I don't do battles.

Even in the historical romances of my favorite authors.... *pauses* Please forgive me for what I'm about to write oh wonderfully wicked writers of the ripped bodices. I will flip through the scenes. *flip flip flip* He thrust his sword. Gah, how long is this bloody battle? *flip flip flip* He parries. Grrrr! *flip flip flip* He thrust.. OMG, if he thrusts or parries one more freakin time.. oh *blinks* Well now, that's a sword of a different color. *grins and flips back* Give it to her Gavin! Because, as we all know all good heroes are named Gavin, Tristen, or Roark or um even Jake or Mattias or something. *coughs* It's scientific fact.

Anyway, my point is this, in a book, I can flip through the battles because, unlike my hubby, and all the rest of the people who LIKE battles I personally do not. I skipped half of the Lord of the Rings books because it was all battles. People talk about romance novels being repetitive. "How can you make the sex scenes different? It's all in and out!" Well, how the crap do you make scenes where all you're doing is lopping off arms, legs and heads any less so? After a while it all starts looking like one of those Jackson Pollock paintings done in one color. Red!

So, do I compromise and go to the 300 just because I'll get to see GB in what amounts to an ancient leather and um *drools* very brief freakin speedo with a shield, sword and cape for accessories, or do I take my hormonal stand now? One small step for women equals one giant step for womenkind! I don't like battleflicks and I ain't gonna take it no more! I'm staying home to watch urm, Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle or something that shows me half nekkid man chests. Ok, yes, they have fight scenes but for some reason, I like those. Don't ask me why, I blame Bruce Lee and Kung Fu Theater late night Saturday nights.

Hey hey, you people just all hush. I grew up in a different world with three channels and no internet. Well, four if you count public broadcasting, which I most definately do. Without that, I'd have never had the most important of my TV addiction, Dr. Who, Black Adder and Red Dwarf. More on those later. It also gave me Reading Rainbow.. which leads me to Lavar Burton who later starred on what hit television show? Star Trek:The Next Generation. Life revolves around the Trek, I knew it.

Jenn/Spock's Gurl 4Ever.

Hubby can see 300 with the wookie for all I care.

PS: Shut up Glamazon, Star Trek is so too the bestest!


Mechele Armstrong said...

LOL life revolves around Star Trek, who knew?

Marie-Nicole Ryan said...

There was a time when I read every Star Trek novel published, and in both the original and ST:TNG, too.

But then I became hooked on mysteries, and it was good-bye to Spock and Data.