Thursday, March 15, 2007

When your hubby always..

Thinks that the weird chicks on tv, movies, etc.. are hot? I mean always. Not kidding. Here's the skinny, blonde, chick with the ginormous hooters, in other words the All-American version of hotness. Then you have the slightly quirky looking girl with crazy eyes flashing behind a pair of cateye glasses who has either brunette or red hair or heck give her streaks of both through her corkscrew curls, why not? Put them side by side and he'll pick that freaky chick every single TIME! He was just yelling that some strange brunette is HOT and to dump the boney blonde chick. Is this a tiny, little, itty bitty clue that maybe, just, oh maybe I'm weird? Nah.

But what makes men attracted to certain types of women? What makes say, men like my hubby go ape for the darkhorse of a woman who is crazy, quirky, yet strangely attractive and compelling despite her insanity? Besides her fabu good looks and all that is *cough cough* Now that he's been drawn into my web, he of course knows I'm a wonderful cook (when I feel like it), have a great sense of humor, am pretty good in the sack (I'm not saying how long or erm little time he waited to find this out, so shush) and many other things I can't share because then I'd have to kill yall. But I make him happy, so he says. He is sorta crazy too, you know.

But on the flip side, what makes others go towards the light.. You know, the perfectly toned extra slim blonde bombshell who never has a hair out of place. Who wouldn't know her way around a skillet or a punchline if it hit her in her oh so perfect face? These men usually are not perfect themselves so it isn't a case of like to like. I've heard of opposites attracting but come on, that means both parties are attracted to each other.

I myself think Hugh Jackman's hotter than Popeye's spicey fried chicken with a side of buscuits covered in gravy.. wait make that Hugh covered in gravy. *pauses* Anyway, where was I? Oh opposites. He is from down under I'm from the south of nowhere. He's rich and famous, I'm so not and yet, we're not an item... well, not yet. Ooh but we're both married, hmm. Ok, fine, I'm married to the wonderful man who thinks I'm cute, but he was just lusting after some trashy brunette on tv, so I can lust too, right? Riiight.

But my point still stands, we all have our types. Thank goodness my type is sitting in his easy chair quietly watching Casino Royale now.

Ooh, damn, speaking of type. Bond is pretty hot too. Color me shaken and stirred. Meowrrr.

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