Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Muse has Landed

And she is way scaring me sitting in her corner giving me the face. I am out of chocy, what is a girl to do?. She's taking me into places I didn't know my characters were going to go. She's revealed my heroine's true feelings but there is a conflict there that I haven't even thought of.

Even now, she's giving me a baleful look and telling me to get busy with it or else. I LOVE IT! Dougal and Charise are back and kicking bootay..

I've started their investigation with a snarky look at one of the Death Gods.. Much fun to be had there, as I am a dyed in the wool Pratchetthead. Death be not proud, but he be comedic fodder in the right hands.

It's Friday and I have written all I can tonight, my eyes won't cooperate with my fingers and brain. Tomorrow I intend to do a light edit of my work tonight and continue on with the strange and hopefully funfilled journey of Charissa the fertility goddess and Dougal the hottest nerd ever born. Here's to chemistry or as I am calling it, Divine Alchemy. Night all!!

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Mechele Armstrong said...

Yay! Grab that muse Jenn. I love it when the characters take me places I never thought I'd go.