Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Thinking Back.. Hindsight's 20/20 I suppose

*points to left* That is my hubby's artwork btw, kewl eh? It basically has a titch to do with this entry. ...

A friend of mine made me remember something that I've forgotten. Me w/my totally antidaddy stance and promama one.

Picture it circa 1977, rural (read Timbuckfo as my friend says instead of like Timbucktoo LOL) area of North East La.

Little girl w/long brown hair sitting on her daddy's lap so she can drive. It's a fourwheel drive at that (color me red for redneck) Heading down the river bottom. Suddenly on the left there is movement. Daddy stops the truck and says "Shhh!" we peer out and there they are a Mama Black Bear and her two teeny babies (aww)

Louisiana was almost depleted of this species due to hunting. That along with coyotes, wolves, lynx, manx, bobcats, panthers and wild boars were almost extinct. So, here we were looking at what could have been the last of them. Did my daddy pull his gun and try to shoot it? No, actually, he was a redneck and we did hunt, but nothing we couldn't eat fried (grins) so, we looked, and Daddy sorta sniffed.

We are part NA, not much, but enough, and he was an in turn raised me to respect my surroundings, that we were to take care of them, and keep them safe. So, thanks to my friend for reviving the memory and thanks to my daddy for teaching me something good after all. Night peeps.

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Melissa Lopez said...

*Gasp* Love the artwork!

:-( Very sad about the animals. It's one of the reasons i wrote my short story I Am...