Thursday, July 28, 2005

I am heading past second.. shooting to third.. FRIDAY COMETH... I AM HOME FREE!

Friday's man is really hot. I am going on my pre weekend rant, so I can get rid of all my negativity early on. Movies and their effects on my environment.

1. Keanu acts for shite. I kept hearing this crap from the living room, Constantine it was. I did not really care, but my hubby kept re-watching it. He has OCD at the best of times, but this was a bit much even for him. So, on one of my bathroom pilgrimages through the room, I happened to glance at the TV and see why he was watching it over and over. Two words, Rachel Weiss (hubby is a right man hoor) *mutter mutter* But that is not the point. Keanu has four facial expressions and apparently he is saving them because he only used three in this movie. Keanu: Duuuude you're like the devil.. excellent!! Bill, look? Oh, wait, something's freakie at the Circle K, where is Bill? However, he looks hot, so, that counts for something. Not for me watching that entire bunch of eeekie eyeball flashing crap though pfth.

2. Johnny Depp has become strangely surreal here lately. I love him, he is most definately hot as hell. But really man, you are wearing white kabookie makeup in this Willie Wonka movie. How am I supposed to have freaky chocy infested sex fantasies if you attempt to look like Michael Jackson (only male and ur.. not an alien *coughs* rant for another time *coughs*) I could deal w/Johnny doing Keith Richards in POC. But this hurts my head. Not one but two things are made icky.. A. Johnny (eww, get some sun dude, seriously) B. And the worst (my priorities are spot on) Chocy.. do not have this lovely substance attacking peeps! OMG!!!! *whimper*

3. Someone near and dear to me puts her own writing down alot. I wish this to stop at this instant!!! She does some of the most compelling stuff I've read ever. I am a reviewer (yippee) and I have to stop myself from reading HER stuff so I can finish the stuff by published authors!! She is my major cheerleader, she is always there to say YOU CAN DO EET! she does a pretty good impersonation of The Cajun Man despite being a tried and true Cheesehead from the nawth *grins* So, go on w/it Charissa! You keep givin me the Evie and Brody, they are my fav so far. No frills, no fantasy (besides his hotto motto self) just real peeps w/real probs and a lot of heartache to surmount. I love they way you make them so flawed, inside and out, scars and all. It just makes me think if they can find love and they'd best or I shall be most peeved, then who the heck cant? Peace out, wud to your motha..

4. To the big titty gals of the world... BOSOMS UNITE! We shall overcome the discrimation of the flatchested hussies in the fashion world and overcome these insurmountable obstacles! *pushes boobs out the way so she can type* Love the blog Karen! It is snickerishly snorty.

5. HAPPY FRIDAY WHOOOHOOH!! (yes, it's early, but I am in my precelebration phase right now, deal with it!)


Charissa said...

*grinds pom poms in Jenn's face* TY for the Rob Schnider cheer, now take that to heart and get yer danged editing done. I want the snark and the sizzle and I want Hugh's story. Have I said that lately? If not, there is my daily Hugh rant for the day.

Hottie boy works for me, but Jaysun is still # 1. Zeke has bumped Jasper to number #3 simply because he is reincarnated as my Brody boy with a pirate's patch! YUM! v. hot! Zeke with a Trent Reznor doo. Dang...Feel a smut writing urge coming on...oh wait, should I have said that out loud *VBG*

Melissa Lopez said...

This week's guy is yummy too! Thanks for sharing.

I was unable to finish this on-- Constantine. I lasted less than ten minutes with it.

LOL...I haven't seen Depp as Willie Wonka, but can anyone out do Gene Wilder? Some of the children's classic from my era--well, I wish they'd leave alone.

A (hug) for Charissa! Jenn when she starts to carry on next time gently whap her for me. Charissa you're a wonderful writer and you can do it!

:-) Mel

Mechele Armstrong said...

Like the Friday man.

I haven't seen Constantine. LOL but Keanu does have only a few expressions.

I do think Johnny Depp is hot but yeah as Willy Wonka, well he looks a little freaky. The girls keep telling me he looks like a girl and why does he look like a girl? *blinks*

And cut that out Charissa. Don't make me withhold cookies. You are a great writer. I can't wait to read your stuff. And yours either Jenninator. Both of you get cracking!

Jenn said...

Constantine makes me hurl, the blinky thing eew.. and well, the devil has black crap on his feet all the time.. like tar. You'd think some funky pedicure peeps would be down in hell and have to clean his feet. Unless *taps chin* all of them are in heaven where they need to be. This may be the answer. Heaven is one big spa, w/pedicures, manicures, massages, etc. Wow! shoot me now.. now, wait, that was a joke.. please leave my Tzone alone! ack!