Friday, June 30, 2006

A Tale of Two Kidneys

While the remainder of the post is a biiig old rant.. I do have some very nice news to impart.. Spellfire Moons is available now!! Whohooo!!
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Now.. onto the rant..

I've changed meds and I've been happy with them more or less, give or take yadda yadda .. They make me thirsty,tired and basically high, but that's ok, I've lost 10+ pounds, so, WHOHOOO!! YEAH BABY!

But, on Tuesday night, I noticed that my other (old and still being consumed)meds looked different, however, since a huge green sticker basically told me to shut up and take it, on Wednesday, I took it. I was zombified the entire day. My flesh was cold,(I live in Louisiana, it was 100 degrees) my eyes were swollen, I had the fever and chills, they were multiplyin, I was losin control. The feelin was electrifyin.. my skin crawled, my body jerked. It was horrible. Yeck. I stayed at work all day, but when I got home, I went to bed and there I stayed where for some reason I had the urge to watch Con Air. *meh*

As I lay there, I noticed that my tummy felt not the norm.. mm.. if perhaps I hadn't been sniggering at Nick Cage's attempts to sound like a hillbilly "Put thu bunnay dowun." *snorts* or lustin quite so heartily after the John Cusack *slurps* I may have noticed that my organs were conspiring against me..

Let us call them.. Lenny and Squiggy for shits and giggles..
I could say Laverne and Shirley but girlfriends don't cause other girlfriends this much aggro.. however it does take place in one of the twin cities, right?
Milwaukee WI? Or is that Minnisota? Hell, I don't know and I am way too full of frickin Cranberry juice to care at this point!
Lenny and Squiggy would have done something like this..
*Door slams open*
"Hello Livern" Lenny combs his greasy hair back with his comb before sticking it back in his letterman jacket.
Squiggy pushes him out of the way to leer at Spleeny. "Hello beautiful."
However, he knows she is taken by none other than.. C'arspine who'll kill him if he tries anything.
Oh who the bloody well cares? I have a theory and it's pissin me off. Since I've not had a drop of coke or coke related products for a month now, my kidneys, liver and all the other related organs have decided to stage some sitcom type revolution! Without the aid of Citric Acid to scour out these freaky little sponges of my digestive tract, they've become some sort of housing project for the likes of Lenny, Squiggy, Livern and Spleeny. The next thing you know the damn Fonz'll be up in there with Pinky wasser name and Leather-face jumpin over my bladder on motorcycles with tires made out of pieces of my small intestines! OMG! It is unfair that I have a kidney infection for the first time in my entire life after quittin cokes for since like ever! For 3..*muttermutter* years I've drank them.. every single day and nothin! now, I quit and drink water and GREEN TEA! *blech* and what happens? Kidney Infection.. yeck.. blast and damn..
I blame .. well I blame someone and when I find out who? Let's just say, it won't be pretty..


P.S. In case yall thought I forgot or something, IT'S FRIDAY!! YEEEEEEEEEHAW!!


Mechele Armstrong said...

I just bought a copy of that ebook! I'm looking forward to a few stories. *G*

Mechele Armstrong said...

Whoops, hit a wrong button.

Hugs and chicken soup on being sickie. Those are rough. Take care of you. Hope you feel better soon.

catt said...

sorry to hear about the kidney infection, hope you feel better soon!!!!