Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hunka Hunka Hammock Luv

Thanks to the Meme Muse and the Karen Karma I worked on the WIP tonight and, whatta ya know? .. Mack's a very bad boy. Here I thought he was gonna take a back seat to Gilly's drama queen theatrics and he pops up (pun intended) with this. For shame Mack. *I like it*

I have to say, I'm relieved. After a few weeks of no writing at all besides some edits (Major, soul sucking eye popping brain eating zombifying edits, bloody stupid WordPerfect.. stupid quotation marks stupid stupid things!) I've actually written something and what a something it was. I love it.

Gillian and Mack are my favorites so far of all my characters. Gillian is really bad.. but I think ole Mack is gonna tame her yet, cause he's got her number. And those two evil children, well, let me just say that I never thought being a mommy would pay off quite so well. Carrie is like my daughter to the nth degree. Kev? He's just the All American Doofus boy. Poor Kev..
So, sit right back while I write this tale .. a tale of a fateful trip.. it started out ..
Yall gone have to wait til I get it finished now aint ya?

By the by, I forgot to say that due to the powers invested in my by the Goddesses of Friday.. I actually did the impossible. I made two Fridays this week.. You heard me people. I had Friday.. TWICE!! I had Mon(ew) Tues(ewew) Wed(ewewew) Friday(ooh) Friday(ooh ooh) Do yall see something missin in there? Mmm.. yes, it is nice isn't it? Yes, I like that. Friday Friday Friday.. YIPPEEEE I like Friday..

Come on yall do it with me now.. Friday Fandango!! It's late, I know, but better late than never!!!!!

The Ever Lovin Friday Queen
WIP it Good

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