Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I have a very special family.

I do. Today, something happened, something I cannot discuss because, it is a violation of the privacy act at my job. However, it was a bad day, and grown women and men were in the back going that is soo awful.

It just made me so darn thankful I have my baby and my hubby. Both are sweet natured and yeah, cute too *points to left* The baby has lead a pretty tame life so far, she was never neglected or abused.

Pepper Ok, if you listen to her yes, but she is a teen, I abuse her by taking away the phone *gasp!* How DARE you!! You'd think I was Joan freakin Crawford. Gahhh!! Arggh!! and EEEEK. Anyhoo, I am just grateful I got them, hubby is a wonderful daddy, baby girl is a sweet, smart, compassionate young woman.

Happy Hump Day!!!



Deshanna said...

Aww Jenn! She's so cute. SHe looks like too. Before you say it, yes you are too pretty.
*MUAH* *hugs*

FeyRhi said...

Wow can you ever see the resemblance between the three of you! Looks like you Mama's smile got passed down to another generation. Those are beautiful pictures of your family!