Friday, October 14, 2005

I went, I ate, I could hurl.

Hungry This is my hubby when he saw the fried cheese.

YowzaThis is my hubby looking down my shirt. Pervo.

I went to drop off the Mozilla today, with Mamazilla. She had my bday pressies with her and insisted that I try on the blouse she bought me. It is a sweater, clingy, soft, light lavender, very nice. However, let it be said that it has a very low neckline. I am rather busty, to say the least.

Hubby's eyes about fell out of his head! While its gratifying that you still have the power-o-cleavage after 7 years of marriage, it is also disconcerting for him to stalk you around the Walmart, looking down your shirt with a leer that would do any geriatric on Viagra proud.

Athena's was delish, coffee was too, and I got home before dark. How old does this make me sound? Hell if I care! LOL

Hummos is gooooddddd
Frankenstein's Bride


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Karen said...

Ohhh, Jenn's bringing out the big guns in her new puhpul sweata. I picture Bill's eyes popping out of his head like a cartoon character's does when he sees a pretty girl. LOL glad you had fun, and ate some good food!