Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Step into the Jennzone

No, dammit, this aint freakin Taradise, Hiltonville, Spearsland, or what da fuck ever. I live in hell, or close enough to it so I get the fumes (ok, it's the paper mill, that crap still stinks!) Have you ever had the feeling you just don't matter in the grander scheme of things?

Yeah,besides the we are small lil specks in the big bad universe thing, dammit! I mean, hell, nobody matters a shit when compared to global warming, disease, famine, strife, George W. being elected for a 2nd term.. oh, oops, sorry, ok, we don't not really. But you'd think if you've been somewhere for over 5 years, you'd be meaning something, right? RIGHT? Not even close. Deal with it, they all say, if things go right, you get ignored, if one little thing fucks up, you are so fuckin shit on until the damn clock shows quitting time.

And, hey, if you have an albeit small but annoying beef you put on the table, with a solution included, I might add, you're just blowed off like the tiny little peon you are. Life sux, work sux, my spelling has gone downhill since graduation, I could so give a damn.

Now, I have a new outlook on life in my work place. FUCK YOU. Yep, that bout covers it, I don't give a damn about you, and the less YOU talk to ME the better. I will do my job, damn good I may add, and I will make sure the customers are happy with me. However, insofar as the rest of the bullshit goes, I just fuckin quit. I don't want to be included in the little reindeer games if it means I am always stuck flying in back of a flatulent, petty, overblown, stupidass bunch of fiber eating dickheads that wouldn't know Goodwill to Man if it bit them on their salaried asses.

Oh, yeah, I care if this is read by them too, can ya tell? Nah, didn't think it showed too much. I've had it, deal with the new, no nonsense, take no prisoners RoboJenn who will cut you down with the efficiency she's shown heretofore at her job thus far. I hid it, you see, behind the sweet demeanor it took 35 years for me to build up. I decided that load of shit is too heavy to carry, deal with it or fire me. After today, I could give a fuck.

The Rant Queen has left the building.. (Ok, almost)


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Karen said...

Well, damn. That's more like it. I hope the people at your job understand the can of whup ass they've just unleashed. If they don't? Well, the sorry sons of bitches deserve it. Go on, speak your mind, it's more fun than being sweet. I should know! Try not to let the dickheads get you down - it is mentally exhausting building up that big head of steam.

I won't tell you to calm down (don't EVER TELL ME TO calm down LOL) b/c God knows I hate it when people say that to me. Just vent to your girls as we will always listen and maybe in your next life you can kick all their asses.