Friday, September 30, 2005

Thank you Ms. Starla Childs for my bubblebath materials!!
I got a box in the mail, much to my hubby's envy. It has a strange name on it, I am clueless as it has been more than a day since I won this!! LOL

But when I opened it, I was waaayyyyy happy!

Pearberry..mmm... soaps and smellums.. I shall smell of sweet berry goodness this night..
Ms. Childs is a wonderful writer please visit her site for any and all info. (shameless plug LOL)

Ms. Childs is also my writing mentor. Out of the goodness of her heart she puts up with my bs and helps me out. (See? No comma splice there!)
Her gift has become part of my weekend jammie plan. NO, not Jammin Weekend.. JAMMIES!

Add in a purple comfy shirt.. yum.. Purple is a royal color. I am Jenn the Jammie Princess, there is a connection in this. I am certain!!

Then put on a pair of flannel jammie pants. EEYORE IS A MUST!!

Love jammie weekends, love the fact I ain puttin on the clothes for the WHOLE ENTIRE WEEKEND NYAH NYAH NYAH!!

Jammie On Yall!!
Weekend 1



Karen said...

Ohh, you learned how to add more stuff to your sidebar. Teach me your HTML wisdom, oh Jennish Jammie Princess - I've been wanted to put in a sidebar of my favorite shopping sites and one for books too. Help me Web Wizard! Enjoy your bubbly treats and rock those purple jammies, girl.

Karen said...

Brillant, I am. I figured it out all by my genius self. Check out my new sidebar - woo hoo!!