Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Who could resist this face I ask you?
Apparently not ME! Pouty
I am at work today. Hubby calls with the standard. "You ridin home with Debbie?" (she is a whole other story which invovles a Jenncoined term 'D-forces from the speed with which she gets me from point A to point B ahem)
"Yes, I am." I answer, nicely for a change. I say that because hubby has the world's worse timing for calling me. I mean, I think he has a flippin camera that he uses to see when I am the most busy to call me to talk the shit.
DH: "Hey, what you doin?"
Me: "I am workin'!!" Mean (Not only do I look like that, but I also sound like that)
DH: "Mm, you gotta ride?"
Me: "YES! Now, lemme go, the other line is ringing.. muah." I am still being nice, yall.
DH: "Oh, but but but.. wait!! I have to ask you. Do you think I should wear my orange shirt tomorrow?" WHAT? HE WANTS TO KNOW WHAT? I go a bit postal at this point.. insert the appropriate cursin here.
Anyhoo, today, he asks, am I busy.. I go, no, not right now. He says the five most dreaded words in the English language...
"Can I have a puppy?"
Not just any puppy, but the puppy he has wanted for like 20 years but will not get himself as they are about 12oo bucks a pop. Yep, the puppy at the top of this blog. Aint he cute? Awww.. sweeeet.. awww..
Dammit, I have been twitterpated!! Just .. GAH!!

Heart Eyes

I shall love him and kiss him and Bill is gone name him.. JABBA? Jeez! Darkside much?

And they call it puppy love, *snort*


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Karen said...

OMG, you are getting Jabba the Pupp!!! Used the force on you, Bill has. Make you clean up Pupp poop, he might. Punish him by refusing to wax his light saber, I suggest. Enjoy your puppy!!