Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mandatory Evacuation Means What Exactly?

Imagine the streets of New Orleans empty. It boggles the mind. First Street, Magazine, Bourbon, all of those that you know of are going to be void of people.

Well, yeah, supposedly... however, look at that rooftop proclamation to the left. I know the spelling is off, (It is called redneckese btw) but the message is the same. New Orleans will be back.

Bigger? I doubt it, better? No, I don't think it could be better, all the age and history washed away is what made it such a rich place to me. But cleaner, definately. I am not as germophobic as I make myself out to be, not really. But I am aware of them more than the average girl.

SicklyIt is a product of my upbringing: My meemaw with her lysol, purex and pine oil to kill the germs, she believed lurked waiting for their chance to attack is the cause of it. However, there isn't a day that goes by you don't hear about a new resistant strain of somethin or other. I just like to think she was before her time. I'd like to think Lysol misses her now that she'd passed away, but I doubt it.

No In any case, the germs are breeding down there as we speak. People are being forced out for their own good. I am sure that will be another thing to blame the gov for, but hey, I'd rather save a few and have em pissed than let them die.

Bubble Bath So, til they get it cleaned up, they all need to leave. I imagine its hard to leave behind all you've ever known and go somewhere else. But e. coli doesn't play, nor does hepatitis and more than likely some new disease they will end up callin the Big Easy Bleck or something. Wash up, keep safe.

I myself am sick today. I do not think it has anything to do with the hurricane, I mean it's possible that a nomadic skeeter or a bird has come up here and given me the icks. But it's highly unlikely. Just a summer cold that has me down.

My aunt is goin down with State Farm and my stepfather is as well, he works for the electric co. I know he has to get shots beforehand, I just hope they work.

Splish splash

Bath Tub



Mechele Armstrong said...

Catching up on blogging. Hope you feel better soon Jenn. And yep, worried about everything brewing in that area.

Karen said...

Yo, hussy! Update yo' blog, woman!! I have spoken. So let it be done. Karen