Friday, September 02, 2005

Donations appreciated, prayers also accepted.

SleepingThey need places to sleep, or things to sleep on and in.

SicklyWe have them sick from the water, from not having water, etc.

Brushing They need basic toiletries

Shaving Shaving items... shampoo, etc.

MoneyOr, hey, money would be nice, in the form of Mcdonald gift cards (for the kiddies to have a happy meal as a treat.) or Walmart (we have Walmarts here, not so many Kmarts just a small bit of info) gift cards too. You can get all your necessities at that store from milk to clothes to the all powerful TP.

Anyway you wanna send, or just your thoughts and prayers......... we accept all major religions, as long as the thoughts and wishes are positive.

Here is a info Link for a few area churches in Northeast La.

All of the churches in Bastrop would be willing to help..

Here are a few more places you may try if you wish.

Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Dept.
ATTN: Danny McGrew
351 S Franklin St, BASTROP, LA 71220
Phone:(318) 281-4141

Bastrop City Mayor
Address: City Hall, Bastrop, LA
Phone:(318) 283-0250

Crisis Assistance Ministry Inc
Address: 702 E Jefferson Av, Bastrop, LA 71220
Phone:(318) 283-0475

All of these people would be happy to take your call, and if they cannot help, will direct you to someone you can.

The local hospital is participating in many of the area activities planned to help the refugees. We are a small community in populace, but very large in heart. I hope that we can help them, but it seems so overwelming with the knowledge that we have no backing from an organization that is supposed to be helping those victims. I.E. the Redcross. I cannot say how disappointed I feel, when we have always donated our monies to them to be abandoned in this way.

In Famerville, LA a group of 17 refugees were told that since their number was so small, the Redcross would not be staying to help. Of course, the community (read them lovely church ladies) took over and stepped in, I am sure. But how can you say that 17 people helped is not enough? What if one of the 17 was your child, husband, wife or mother? It is very disturbing. I am praying for the people of New Orleans, but please be advised, the people of New Orleans are now the people of Monroe, Bernice, Bastrop, Oak Grove, Linville, Sterlington, Farmerville, Marion and other small communities thoughout the area of Northeast La. region.

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Mechele Armstrong said...

Okey dokey, I'm going to try and see if I can't donate some things to one of these places. Thanks for the information Jenn.