Saturday, September 17, 2005

Literary lessons learned.

Synopsis or is it synopsi? ffth are not as hard to do as I first thought.
Correction, a synopsis is not as hard to do as I thought, IF you do them prior to writing the story.

Yep, I plotted. Whistle

A small time out is needed here. I am what is called a pantser. This means, I write from the seat of my pants. Or I pull it out of my ass, however you wish to put it. You know the one I use right? If not, see the previous posts for a small clue.

However, now, I have plotted something. And *leans forward to whisper* I liked it..

EEEEEEK!!! Shocked

Please note, that this is a huge admission for me the woman that believed that writing is a creative process that must flow from the mystical muse river of consciousness or some such crap. I am a free spirit, an ad libber, typing where the notion takes me, and usually, if I must say so myself, with darn good results. I always slightly envied those that said they plotted their stories beforehand, but pooh pooh'd it as not my thing, I just ain't built that way.

Ha! Ha I say! I plotted, and it flippin worked! The horror, the humanity, the humiliation of it all. I was wrong, I admit it freely. Now, I am off to do query letters and finish the rest of my short story. Romance aint dead, yall. It's alive and well and kicking within the confines of my plotted, sweet, funny, and yep, pretty darn spiffy story.

Stayed tuned, next week's installment

WushuJenn proves that the pen is mightier than the sword.


Scared 1 Plot? What Plot? I don't have no stinking plot!!

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Karen said...

Woo hoo - plot on wit' yo' bad self, girlie. And don't forget what I told you the other night about the whole series that could spawn off this one - lmao. You are on your way!!!

Mechele Armstrong said...

*gasp* you plotted. And liked it! LOL

I am actually thinking about doing that for the next one. We'll see. Last time I tried to plot out the last half of the novel. It all changed *throws up hands*.

Good for you! and glad it worked.