Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oooh.. Hump Day.. pah

I have been remiss in updating my blog according to the hot teacher lady, Karen Bow Down Please forgive me!! LOL

Anyhoo, small nibbles on the publishing front. I am keeping it close to my vest for now. I am also doing the squealing mimi's... aaaaaaaaugh!

All are fine here, the evacuees are settling in, in fact, we are slated to provide a dinner for them on Sunday, so I will get to meet them face to face. I am going to cry, I know it now. I have all my clothes to get ready and take out there. Surely there is fat ladies that need clothes. I also have some sweat pants that are mens and ladies. Yippee..

Not much more to post, other than the usual blahs of the day to day grind..

But I updated my blog, so Karen won't pinch me! Are you happy woman?

Much Love,
Peace Sign
Peace out,

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Karen said...

Yes, you are now safe from hot teacher lady pinching...but are you sure you want to be? Hahahahaha - good job on the update, missy...and keep me posted about that close to the vest stuff, and it betta not be one a dem Walmart vests, hear??