Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I am not a blogaholic.

Dayam he's hot. I suppose I am a hunkaholic though. I mean, I don't wanna like sleep around, I am perfectly happy w/the hubby. But sometimes, you just have to look at a dude like this and go shaaaaah! that is one fine hunka hunka hottay.

The point of my blog today? Eh, who the hell remembers in the face of such slurpishly sexiness? I like alliteration, can yall tell? Thought so.

I am not writing at the mo. Have been sidetracked by other business, reading books for review, looking at ending an ongoing serial of RP post that I've been doing since 2003. I have had some of these characters a long time. They are my friends, in a way. They have sure made me some friends, at least. But now, thanks to that silly crusadin woman, I am gonna chuck em all.

Ack you say? Well, I doubt you say it, they aren't that important in the scheme of things. I have used them though, for my own growth as a writer. I have come a long way baby and not just with a pack of Va. Slims either. When I first started RPing it was on a site based on the characters and world of LKH. I love her and her writing, but the people I rp'd with all sort of, went in another direction.

Therefore, I went somewhere else. To one based on one of the sweetest, most prolific of writers, Sherrilyn Kenyon. Based on her series the Dark Hunters, this loop is one huge undertaking of differing viewpoints, artistic temperments clash with alarming frequency on this thing. I am pretty much known for writing freaky, insane, laughable posts that make you at least snicker. I've done more serious ones, but they are not as well received. Once a clown, always a clown? Mm, yeah, probably. That's all well and good, I do a good clown.

But, what many don't know is I also have another set of characters, ones they don't even suspect are me. LOL. Sounds like multiple personality disorder huh? Close, but naw. Just a creative outlet for a girl that would otherwise not do dick with her limited talents.

But the great AG, well, she deserves a thanks, at least, for inspiring, er spawning so many of the characters I love. My own, and others. Here is hoping that one day, I have a RP game about one of my books.. *blinks* LMFAO! that was way too freakin funny for words. *snort*

Talk to yall later. Right now, I am entertaining.. delusions of grandeur.

The yet unpublished writer,



Mechele Armstrong said...

That picture is a major distraction. *blinks*

And not delusions of grandeur. You never know. And you've got a lot of creative talent!

Please tell me you aren't killing off your characters. Cause then I'll wail, you'll hear me all the way where you are LOL.

Jenn said...

Yes, a big old Dynasty/Dallas killin! pfth.. as if.. I'd take out half of the dang loop. I aint killin nobody.. cept maybe Jenn would kill Zeke if he EVER tried to make her do that Packer Ritual thing again LOL

Karen said...

Oh,now that brings to mind a whole new series of posts..."Who Shot Z.F?" Imagine the snarky fun we could have...I am picturing Jenn and Nee investigating the crime in ten-gallon Stetsons while Chao and Bowie beat up some good ol' boys in the local bar.

Meme said...

Most tasty,

Delusions of granduer, No other way to go says I!

Parting is such sweet sorrow,

from one Mary Sue to another

Deshanna said...

NO No NO NONONONONONONONONO! I won't hear of it. You shall not take away my favorite people. Ok, if you really want to, but know that the sad puppy dog face I will mentally send you (cause I"m pretty sure I'm mental)will be thereperipherally to drive you nutters. I shall set up a wailing most fierce.