Saturday, September 03, 2005

SHE GOT HOME!!! and other news

She is home!!!! yay!! Now, its time for the dreaded cleanup! My friend is scared, fuel trucks are being hijacked and people are being menaced in gas lines.
I am really glad she is safe for now though.

**and now for the rant portion of this blog**

However, what makes me not glad is a very misinformed young woman that posted that all the people that were left in New Orleans were whores, thugs, and the like. Does this make them any less valuable to us? I think not.

Most of the people that did not get evac'd were from the poverty stricken side of New Orleans you do not even see. It isn't a safe place to visit, hence the tourists are steered away from it.

These people were neither too stubborn or too stupid to evac. They were simply without resources. Please, think of it logically. The hurricane hit at the end of the month. Those on welfare, social security, food stamps do not receive their funds until the first of the month. They had no funds to grab a bus, or rent a car. Some were old, handicapped, mentally unfit to do so in any case.

In Louisiana, the coroner is voted into office. He is a medical doctor but his assistants only need to be in the medical field. He pronounces people dead, BUT he also commits the mentally unstable to the appropriate facility. However, that same person can check themselves out three days later. This is a cycle that is repeated ad nauseum.

So, PLEASE, before you judge those people not worth saving, look at some of that footage again. You will see a woman, obviously poor and uneducated, crying for orange juice for her diabetic mother to have so she won't die. This woman couldn't move her mother. Did she abandon her? NO! She stayed. That, my friend, is called bravery, love and loyalty. Would you leave your mama, your daddy, your kid in that situation? Would you just cut bait and leave? From some of the opinions being spouted (with incorrect grammar and spelling I might add, mm, I guess assholes don't HAVE to spell things correctly.) it seems you would.

That woman, and the 12 yr old girl with back pack full of food for her grandmother, the man that fought for a little kid he didn't even know to have a Hostess cupcake, the old lady that said, "Please, can my dog come too? She's all I have left." Those people are the ones you have condemned with your words of they aren't worth saving.

YOU are even worth saving, YES YOU, idiot! I don't care, save them, nobody deserves to die in the street from a lack of clean water to drink, or insulin shock. Sure, some have raped and killed, stolen, and pillaged, but they need to be saved if only to be brought to justice, it's called the American way.

To justify their deaths because you don't think they are actual people smacks of Nazism, or hey, what about the Native Americans when they were pushed off their land because they didn't matter. Or the slaves that were bought and sold, some of which are the ancestors of the very people you are condemning to a slow and horrible death. You need to get a grip. If you had the bravery that lady that stayed with her mother has in her little finger, you'd be a better person. Excuse me if I don't hold my breath til you get some of that, and a little common decency while you are there.

Love yall,



Patrice said...

OMG Jenn! I am so glad I didnt' see that blog because ignorant and horribly misinformed opinions like that make me want to turn on them like a rabid dog! There is enough going wrong we don't need idiots inciting anger and spreading ignorance! If the idiots even watched CNN for 30 minutes in the last 5 days (not that some of their inflamatory rhetoric doesn't annoy me) they could SEE there was a mix of many people stranded in NOLa! What about the tourists and the emergency medical staff and OH so many others. Yes many of the people were the poorest who had no means to leave but again they were family groups and peaceful folks and elderly. I know there were looters - there are always looters! Sad but true. We had em in Fla last year after the hurricanes, too. Funny thing was a lot of those looters actually were "out of town" assholes who drove into the damage zones to cause havoc. So who knows who were looting in NOLa or where they came from? But for sure the folks stranded were not all crackheads and whores! And as you said even IF they were, they still deserve basic safety and shelter! What was that stupid poster thinking? grrrrrrrrrrrrr Nothing they obviously have no heart to pump oxygen to their tiny last brain cell.

Jenn said...

It twas on a loop parallel to the LOS *winks* You know the one. Karen says she is a simple bitch LOL

Meme said...

Now Jenn,

As you know I have been pissed to the max and my blog shows that.

Reading your post makes me feel so much better. You put your thoughts in such an eloquent and compassionate way; I love you for it.


Karen said...

LOL Yes, I did say she is a simple bitch and I stand by my label. If you want to read what the SB wrote, visit my blog at and see for yourself. A response to her post has been emailed to the loop by that loop's moderator. I am quite disappointed in it. *shrugs* Then again, maybe everyone doesn't get mad at the same things we do. Great post, Jenn

Charissa said...

Well said, Jenn and I thank you for that. Hell, I've been thanking all of my friends for being able to have objective opinions about the entire situation. If only our civilization was filled with more logical, common sense minded people, but then again, there is balance in everything. For every rational thought, there is an irrational one spilling from the lips or fingers from someone else. There is hope out there and thank God the media is starting to pick up on it...