Monday, September 05, 2005

Local news and other info.

From KTVE Region 10 news (Monroe LA) Please note: News is in Purple

Rumors of Crime Proven FalseFriday, September 2nd
But region 10 spoke with Monroe Police this afternoon and they said that not a single incident has happened with any of the evacuees regarding rapes, murders or stabbings. In fact, Captain Evelyn Robinson said that things are going very smoothly and they are very proud of everyone's cooperation. Robinson did say, however, that panic stricken Monroe/West Monroe residents are hurting police efforts by inundating dispatchers with calls about rumors. Robinson said, "We have seen an increase in call volume which keeps our dispatchers from doing what we need to do." Robinson urges residents to avoid calling police unless there is an absolute emergency. She says the rumors going around about lawlessness across the twin cities are just that...rumors.

Club Me 1 In other words, they aint running rampant in the streets with Tony's and Tobasco with which to season you for their cookpots. Cajuns ain't cannibals, no amount of pepper sauce would disguise the taste. They are just people, and scared of our insane asses probably.

Thursday, September 1st
Evacuees were invited to attend tonight's football game at ULM for free and were bussed by the dozens from the Monroe Civic Center to Malone Stadium. People who were there to just 'drink and have fun' also agreed that the game was a nice 'break' from the chaos on the news and in the paper. Ariana Harrison, an evacuee from Slidell, said, "Tonight we're just gonna enjoy the night and have a little fun," while she sipped on a cold beverage. Harrison also reminisced saying, "We don't know what we're going home to. We have no idea but I don't know. It's all in the Lord's hands." Another evacuee attending ULM's tailgating party at the Grove, Dennis Laughlin, said, "I'm in a good mood, I'm alive, my house is standing, it's got some damage, but I'm in a good mood." Encouraging words during such a discouraging time. Harrison reminds that almost everyone trying to
forget about the reality of Hurricane Katrina's wrath tonight is only making a hopeless attempt, "I'm thinking about it, it's always on my mind, but I'm gonna make the best of it."

BBQ Picnic Well, this is sweet, at least they are eating and socializing. Only here would we say "Hey! Yall come on let's git drunk off our asses and eat burnt cow! Woohooo!! Go Indians! Wooooohhoo!"
Tailgaters 1

Rolling EyesYes this is sarcasm!!! *snorts*

Anyways, LOL. They are being assimilated, you are aware of this right? We are gonna feed em, clothe em, and call em our own! It's just the way we are. Months from now, when they've gone home and rebuilt their lives, we will still say. Oh yeah, you remember her, Dee, she was from down in Slidell, but they were here over 3 mths, so she's kin now. And that is that, they are ours, and say what you will bout a redneck, yall, we damn well look after our own.

Ahem.. here are some links to help, as well, rednecks is po'.

These were taken off the site for the Monroe Paper
The News Star

Shelters **NOTE! All of the following numbers have an area code of 318

1) Monroe Civic Center:
At the 400 block of Lea Joyner Expressway.

2) Ruston Civic Center: Accepting evacuees with possible overflow being sent to the Memorial Gymnasium and its 200 beds at Louisiana Tech University. Some dormitories will be opened if the gym is filled.

3) University of Louisiana at Monroe: Fant-Ewing Coliseum is accepting special-needs patients with caregivers in conjunction with the Department of Health and Hospitals.

4) The Concordia Parish Community Center: Next door to the Concordia Parish Correction Facility on Louisiana 15 in Ferriday. For more information, call the sheriff's office at 336-5231.

5) Farmerville Recreation Center: 116 Cox Ferry Road; 368-6165.
Pets and livestock

6) Equestrian Pavilion:
Behind the Monroe Civic Center is accepting pets

7) Ike Hamilton Exposition Center:
is accepting larger livestock.

8) The Old State Farm Building is going to become a shelter as well.

Church shelters
The following churches in northeastern Louisiana also are providing shelter to hurricane evacuees:
Franklin Parish
Temple Baptist Church, Chase Baptist Church, Praise Fellowship Church, Crockett Point Church, River of Life Church, Baskin Baptist Church. For complete information, call the Franklin Parish Sheriff's Office, 435-4505

n Mangham
First Baptist Church

Monroe-West Monroe
St. Alban's Episcopal, First Baptist Church of West Monroe Weber Center

Harmony Baptist Church, Temple Baptist Church

Emmanuel Baptist Church (if the Ruston Civic Center overflows), Trinity United Methodist Church

Thanks so much for your thoughts and well wishes to these people. Any I see, I am sure to tell that all my friends are thinking of them!!!

Happy Labor Day



Meme said...

That's right Jenn!

People may make fun of those of the redneck persuasion but they have alot of love in their trailer parks!

My neck may not be red, but my feet are swampy so that just makes me your swamp yankee kin from up north and you know I will do all I can to help you and Liv out


Karen said...

I know nothing about trailer parks, or rednecks for that matter (well, except for you Jenn!) but anyone who takes others into their hearts and homes is all good by me. Now, people who send me emails with freaky bells? They have a special place in my *coughcough* heart. You know who you are.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Thanks for all the information Jenn. I did a closet cleaning today. Anything summery I'm sending down there along with some bags of toiletries.