Sunday, September 04, 2005

Katrina's after effects **Caution: Violence and Rape discussed

Now that the hurricane is over, people are immigrating north. There have been a few, shall we say, growing pains.

In the Astrodome, a seven year old child was raped. I am praying for her.

In the Monroe Civice Center, a man was attempting to do the same thing to a 13 yr old. However, as a warning to any and all perverted bastards, the following happened: The other refugees took this man and killed him. Yes, that is vigilante justice, but sometimes, that animalistic part of you goes HELL YES! He needed killin. That would be one of those times.

Some of the refugees also followed one of the volunteers home and beat and robbed him. However, yet another warning, the police in this area are all rednecks, those men were none too gently apprehended and are now in jail.

Here in my small town, a woman's purse was snatched. And in a town 10 miles from here, even smaller, a house was robbed.

Why am I tell you all this? Well, because, despite all that, not all are this way. It is just that some people are, and they are the ones that will be newsworthy. Don't let the bad spoil your view of the good.

In the state park when a lady attempted to pay for her lodgings for the entire month, she was told, no, you will NOT be paying, ma'am, your money is no good to us. She cried in gratitude, making the manager cry, and all of us cry as well. See? Some are grateful, some are good, some are just plain scared and desperate. I do NOT condone violence, especially not rape. Nor, do I think robbing is the answer. But those people have been through a very traumatic experience, so please don't let a few bad apples spoil the barrel.

My friends are safe, the strangers I have met in my town are all friendly, if tired looking. I just offer them a smile and a "how yall doin?" welcoming them to my neck of the woods. I know they want to go home, I know they hate having to ask for anything from us. I don't mind the asking at all, they are the good ones, just don't TAKE.

So, we are all a little more wary, more apt to lock the doors while we are IN the house as well as when we leave it. My daughter is banned from spending the night with anyone but my mother (who, sorry is mean as hell and would kill anyone if they tried anything) She is chafing under the restriction, but is also mature enough to know the dangers that wait for an unwary female. I hate to think that way, but I will not take a chance with my baby girl. Like the Meems says, I'm too pretty for jail.

A little good news..
Still standing is the motto for old N'awlins. Battered, bloody and beaten, but yall know the phrase.. Like a phoenix from the ashes, it shall rise again!!! See the following:
Bourbon St
Cafe Du Monde
ACME Oyster House
St. Louis Cathedral

So, with this in mind, we look to the rebuilding of a historical city. Maybe it will be better, who knows. But I know it will take a long time and lots of effort. Here's hoping we pull it off.
Now a little side note that only involves me. I am on chapter 31 of my synopsis. YEAH!!! After a month of being stuck on what basically is a book report (MY OWN BOOK TOO, GAH!) I am well on my way to being finished. If a certain cheesehead threatened me with bodily harm to get me started, that is neither here nor there. *gulps* I'd like to thank Morgan Hawke for her help in this endeavor of mine. She sweetly supplied me a worksheet to guide me through the process, now I am back to the grindstone. Hopefully on my way to being a real writer instead of a dabbler in the inkpot of shame. (fth)


Karen said...

Whoa - new layout! For a minute I thought I clicked on the ze wrong always I give you props on your opinions and an additional thumbs-up for the restricting of the daughter LOL. Smart move. And finally *drum roll* you're getting your bootylicious behind in gear and finishing that synopsis!! Git down wit yo' bad self, the Jenn's gonna get P-A-I-D!!!

Meme said...

Now Jenn, you will be careful I know. Remember aim for the t-zone!

As for your synopsis- you are brilliantly talented and most certanly can grab this bull by the balls and get-er-done *weg*

We love your generous heart and your book! Keep up the good work on both fronts