Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Wolf’s Heart Available in Print!

The Wolf’s Heart is howling around on the shelves in Florida!! I received the report of this sighting today from a respected member of the FBH! This person is very wise in the ways of book hording.(meaning she got herself a copy) For those who are scratching your heads in confusion, the FBH is the Federation of Book Hoarders. By the way, I’m a certified (and yeah, certifiable) member of this venerable agency myself.

How do you know you’re a member of this super secret and as far as I know fictional organization? My card floated down and landed on my head the day when I realized that my house isn’t much more than four walls and a roof to keep all my books dry. The card read.. SEEK HELP NOW OR BE CERTIFIED AS A HOARDER!! Honestly, what the heck else is a house good for if not to hoard books in, hmm?

If it also houses my collection of old Cosmo mags which I keep in the event that one day I’ll be limber enough to do that freak on a leash --The Half Gainer With a Twist Upside Down Then Reverse She’s an Indian Outlaw and a Cowgirl-- sex move from the April 2002 issue. Heck, I sprained my wrist just flipping the book round and round trying to figure it out. A sex move should NOT read like a damned complex math problem. That would explain where that whole ’be fruitful and multiply’ phrase came from, huh? *snickers* Even more unlikely is that I’ll have lost enough weight to wear those fabu jeans from the October 1994 issue. Okay, perhaps by 2050, when my grandchildren dig me up 10 years after I’m dead to shoehorn me into them as I have specified in my will. Oh, shut up, it’s not morbid, it’s called planning ahead!

Where was I? Oh yes. Thanks so much to Debbie--a Head Hoarder if ever there was--for letting me know she found The Wolf’s Heart on the shelf in Florida! (and if she is reading this she’s probably really glad she lives far away from me) And double thanks to her for buying a copy!!
If --like me--you live in your own version of BFE, then you can still make your hoard a bit heavier and get your own copy at Amazon and Barns and Noble.

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Mechele Armstrong said...

Congrats. I need to go see if I can find it. *G*.