Friday, August 10, 2007

Life in a Small Town

Should never be scarier than a Stephen King book, but today was. As I sat in my safe little cubicle waiting for the end of Friday little did I know that someone's world was ending right down the street in my tiny town of Bastrop.

Policemen put their lives on the line every single day without thanks, high pay, or recognition. They go in, do their jobs and keep us safe from the bad guys. And sometimes, the worst happens. Today, it did. I won't give out names, as that would be disrespectful to the men who died today and their families. If you'd like to know who they are, I'm sure you can find it, but it won't be on my blog. Needless to say, they died trying to protect us.

Where do I come in on all this? I'm just a secretary in my other usually more boring life of servitude to 'da man' where I work all day to make my ends, if not meet, then at least be able to see each other across a crowded room filled to the gills with bills. While a the SDJ, these men were brought in, along with two others who were shot. These two individuals, while not police officers, also have important jobs, they help save lives. They were injured in the line of duty as well.

My Sucky Day Job and man, yeah, it really does suck, and no, it's not a live saving or protect and serve one, unless you count the fact that my paycheck goes to serve my hubby's hunger. But honestly, after today, I figure, I don't have much to bitch about in the normal course of events. Boss is cool, if evil, I got a/c, and nobody shoots at me. Sort of puts my broke down fax into perspective.

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For a more indepth, but not objective report about what happened here's the link to the Bastrop Daily Enterprise.

After all, these are friends and family. They work and basically live side by side with each other day after day. These men were friends, family, kith and kin of of the reporters and bystanders. Someone asked in the News Star why they all came out and watched. They weren't rubbernecking, you know. They were caring. They couldn't not come and see, they were trying to in some way, help by praying, observing. It's hard not to be there when it effects your community so strongly. Truthfully, I wouldn't be surprised if some of those rednecks weren't packing in hopes of getting a shot at the ones who killed their friends.

My husband, JMorgan, knew the--I hesitate to say victims, let's go on and call them heroes as that's what they are-- he grew up with them, went to school with them. One of the deceased's has a brother who is on the force as well. Because we're such a small town, everyone knows everyone. On one hand that's great. On the other, when this sort of thing happens, it hits so hard, and I think the shockwaves will become a tsunami for us smalltown folks very soon.

To the families of the police officers who lost their lives, you have my deepest sympathies. Nothing will bring them back, but know that they were loved and well thought of by all of us and they will be missed. You are all are in my thoughts and prayers.


For more info and a BOLO for one of the suspects still at large, please go here
Monroe News Star


Ashlyn Chase said...

How awful! I don't remember things like this happening when I was a kid. In my state (NH) 2 police officers lost their lives this year. Before that only 1 ten years ago. I live in a small town too. It made the news a short while ago with something icky. A pedophile unregistered and doing his nasty thing with his girlfriends daughter. This makes me gack.

And my neighbors treat me like a pariah because I write erotic romance. It's not like I'm advertising to their kids or going nuts and shooting people!


Jenna Leigh said...

You're right, Ash, people are a lot more scared of sex than violence, It's a a proven fact. Have you ever noticed how good hot sex will get a movie an r-rating a heck of a lot faster than violence ever will? What sort of message is this sending to the public? Beating the crap out of people is fine, but OMG SMUT? SEX? *gasps!* *covers eyes*

Whatever happened to 'make love not war'? Hmm..I'd better stop, my liberal roots are showing and after all, I do have to live down c'here in the conservative South, LOL!

As for hearing about pedophiles and violent acts, etc, I'm not sure if it's that things are worse or if we find out about them quicker now because of tv and the internet. Either way, this was a tragedy.

catt said...

Jenn, that is terrible! my family and i are saying a prayer to your town and the families of the police officers.

Karen said...

This is so tragic ~ I sent you a text message a day or so ago, just to let ya know I was thinking of you and what happened.

Jenna Leigh said...

I got the text today. My telephone is sucky. And my texting skills are even worse. Oh and then I got a little paranoid until I figured out who the K was, lemme tell you. *snorts* I appreciate you calling me though! BIG HUGS!