Sunday, May 29, 2005

Book Tag

Total number of books you own HA!! ok, est. 1500
Last book you bought Master of the Moon by Angela Knight
Last book you read Master of the night By Angela Knight
Five books that mean a lot to you ...
1. Ashes in the Wind, my first romance, ever. Kathleen (sighs) She did Shanna too, loved that book.
2. Windflower, Merry and Devon were ok, but Cat was the man! And Rand Morgan too. Loved this book, I've lost my copy and I am not amused at all.
3. The Raider by Jude Devereaux. I was 16 when I read this book. I laughed so hard and have since read all of her books. Love Ms. Jude's historicals the best.
4. The Dark Hunter Series (I like the Were's best, escpecially the panthers) I read this book and went wow! Then I saw the sight and did another wow. And then, I found the yahoo group and said mm, I wonder if I could do this? Well, two years later and the answer is, I guess so. LOL Go Sherri! If I am ever pub'd she is goin into my Dedication page!!!
5. Interview with a Vampire, read it at 13. (It was in my highschool library) At this point I, the reader of Salem's Lot, viewer of Nosferatu, went, well,dammit! Vamps can be hot! Lestat, Louis, I knew the well.
A mention also to LKH's Vamps. Read these books and said Vamps can have SEX? OMG! Well, there are possiblities there, and the rest is sort of nasty and weird and perverted. And if I ever get it published, I will let yall know.


Mechele Armstrong said...

LOL great choices Jenn. And it's so neat how muuch Sherri's series means to all of us.

Of course you will be published. And you'd better let ME know...


Charissa said...

Nice choices! I remember when I was around 13 reading all the VC Andrews books and I think it was a John Saul one to get creeped out enough. Hadn't discovered Anne Rice. But that Saul book? ICK! It had people buried in the sand at low tide and left to drown when high tide came in. And I lived near a beach!

Doncha just love the choices we made that have nudged us along in our literary endeavors?

Jenn, you need to create your own universe like Terry Prachett. You aren't British, but your sense of humor is spot on for it. LOL

Now get back to writing! It's the weekend! Chop Chop! *MUAH*