Monday, May 30, 2005

Confessions of a Star Wars Widow

I am not technically a widow, however, my husband does leave this world for another during the release of the new movies. And at other times when he gets a hankering to watch the older ones, the the newer ones to compare the two. Then there are the making ofs, the documentaries on how they were inspired to make the creatures, the how to be more like Darth, the Padme, how do I love thee? Are you getting the picture?

Case in point. I have been married for seven years. And after seven years of rather nice presents to my darling, I was told that the present this year was the most wonderful one he'd ever gotten. It was a Darth Vader Voice Changing Mask/Helmet. And yes, he wears it alot.

He's 36 years old, forever young, forever a Star Wars Fan--atic. I know all the names of the creatures from the Bantha, the Jawas (people not creatures really but the eyes are creepy) whom I have a suspicion were simply ugly Ewoks that hadn't found out about Rogaine to help with their hair issues; Jabba, and of course my favorite of all time, the Wookie. (And Han Solo but that is a whole different ballgame)I had to buy six boxes of Apple Jax so he could get the all important Darth Vader light saber spoon w/which to eat his cereal, I've had to go to the Burger King at each and every opportunity so he could get the Darth Vader fatheaded dollies. (Hubby got two, one to play with, one to keep in the hermetically sealed vault I am sure he has secretly dug beneath the house.)

We have a room with so many 'action figures' (read dolls they are so dolls!) that its like a Voodoo Convention against Lucasfilms. Jar Jar is a dirty word in my home. James Earl Jones as the voice of DV made it confusing when he took off the mask and became a bald white man. (puzzled frown)

However, I digress. Come May 18 (?) I was home alone whilst the husband and child.. headed backLONG AGO TO A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY............................ I did enjoy my three hours plus of family free time,got a bit of writing done on my WIP.

I have nothing but good will towards the StarWars Fans, that is from me a tried and dyed in the wool Trekkie (LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!) which goes to show there can be peace between the two camps. Or, at least, negotiations can be fun :DMay the Force be with you my friends. *cue Star Wars music then overlay it w/Leonard Nimoy's voice saying 'Space, the final frontier' just to tic off my man*


Mary Stella said...

That's hysterical, Jenn. :-) He and Sol's husband need to meet to compare their Star Wars fanaticism.

Mechele Armstrong said...


Okay, my dh isn't as bad as yours. But right now I am sooooooo in Star Wars overload.

Because the oldest had friends talking about the new movie, the dh decided they needed to see them. So he showed them the old ones. We are now up to "The Phantom Menace."

They are obssessed. Both girls talk about it constantly. They had bats taken away tonight for pretending they were light sabers and fighting. I'm going to be like the dh and be able to quote every line in the dang movie before too long.

LOL and he likes Star Trek more than he likes Star Wars.