Monday, January 23, 2006

Big Thanks to Mechele Armstrong!

Double Snoopy Dance to YOU! LOL She helped me put the tigger up on the blog header. Not an easy feat for a techno challenged person like myself.

Anyhoo, happy Monday all! *gags*

Ok, I tried. LOL To be nice that is. Oh, the thanks still goes to Mechele, who makes even me smile and be sweet for all of five minutes at a time. Then, well, like a sugar high, I fall fast into the depths of depravity.

However, this does bring me to the reason for my blognatiousness today.

Are there people that make you better than you usually are? Nicer (as is the case with Mechele) smarter, happier, more patient? If so, how do they inspire that sort of improvement in what is otherwise one low down, mean assed, smart mouthed chicky from da bayou that just don't care about your opinion be it correct or otherwise.

I am not actively mean by any stretch of the imagination. I don't go around knocking over mailboxes for pension checks. (I did this once in highschool, knocked them down that is, not stole the checks out of them. Is there a statute of limitations on that? Is it a federal offence? eep! ssh, never mind) For me to be actively mean, I would have to you know, TRY. And that is beyond the realm of my giving a damn, if you must know.

But, I do not go out of my way to be NICE to others. I am sweet, but I am not nice. *sighs* I don't drown puppies. I am the person that will beat the livin snot out of the person that caught someone doing that sort of thing, though. I don't pinch babies. (don't volunteer to change their diapers neither)

And a small rant. I am not one of those people like this nurse I heard about that was pulling the fingernails off of the stroke patients because she felt stress. OMG! Ok, this is what I want to know. How in the hell do you justify this? You feel stress so you're torturing a person that cannot move or speak by pulling their fingernails off? Oh, honey chile, you just come on down here and visit with me. I can show you real stress.

On second thought, I am freakin nice. And I tell you this, those sweet darling nice people like Mechele and My Meems among others? She'd be the first in line to *stress* the incorrectness of that woman's behavior. In the nicest (and most er painful) way imaginable I'm sure.

Come on Friday!!

Lover of all things between Friday and Sunday.
Down with Monday


Karen said...

I like the new banner, v. nice. And the whole nice vs. mean thing is something I think about, too. Like sometimes, one of my students will say, "You are the nicest teacher in the world, Ms. Q.!!" And I look at them, slightly shocked, like, do you not know me? Have you not heard all the mean things I say when you forget your pencil, homework, brain, etc?

Who knows? Maybe I am a nice person with a smart-assed mouth, as my boyfriend sometimes says. I mean well, but at times I cannot help the snarkiness of my mouth? I certainly wouldn't pull anyone's fingernails out, ewww. I might, however, tell my male students that they need to go home and cut those awful nails of theirs.

Mechele Armstrong said...


And I'm glad it worked. LOL I'm glad I could help, usually I'm techno challenged.

And you are nice *muah*. Freaking nice *nods*.

Ewwww on the nail pulling thing.

FeyRhi said...

You know I don't think being a bitch is such a bad thing. I wish I was more of one.
Now I can be pushed only so far and I snap. *G* Just ask the little shit with no ID who came in the store and wanted to buy 3 bottles of rye. He got really nasty when I refused him and out of nowhere came this inner bitch who ripped a strip off his hide.
*sigh* I wish I knew where she came from.