Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!! 2006

Well, the new year is here. Can you believe it? I can't for sure. It seems like it was only yesterday I was celebrating by writing 2005 on my checks. Hell, it seems like only last week I was saying 2000? Really? Well party like its 1999.

What are your resolutions? I am gonna attempt 10

1. Lose some weight.
2. Exercise (mm, ew, gross)
3. Eat more chocy (I had to put ONE in here I knew I could keep)
4. Be nicer to my family. (It is harder than being nice to strangers somehow)
5. Go outside and sit, without complaining to my hubby about how hot/cold/sticky it is.
6. Smile more.
7. Finish my MS's before starting more. (Haa! yeah right)
8. Listen to the crickets and frogs at night w/out benefit of a noise machine.
9. Smoke less.
10.Be an author, not a writer. Do it, see it, be it.

So, what are yours?



Mary Stella said...

My goals (I loathe calling them resolutions.) are up on my blog earlier this week. Losing weight and exercising more are among them. My knee is better so I'm heading back to Curves today. How about you? *Muah* to the Jenninator.

Bridghid (Di) Parkinson said...

1> I will stay a non-smoker!
2> Write
3> Write
4> Dance
5> Excersize
6> Eat better
7> Write
8> Travel a bit more to get great pictures and research interesting building for story locations.
... did I mention write? *EG* Di

Jenna said...

I'm gonna try and write more. As for the exercise? not yet. Does unwrapping chocy packages count? I think so!

Yes, please write more, that's always nice to see.. *grins*