Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hoorah For Me

I did have another blog, but I changed back to this one and just changed the name to suit my needs. No use adding to the baggage that weighs me down on a daily basis, huh? Onto the news. I have been offered a contract from Midnight Showcase for a novella in one of their upcoming anthologies.

While not due out until sometime next year. I am still way wicked psyched!! Woohoo!! The title of my story is The Moon of the Tigre. It involves a shapeshifter from a distant planet, who still searches for his heart's desire. He is a tiger, of course.

I've had a thing for shapeshifters for quite a while now. But, I never dreamed that it would lead to me being published!!!

I hope you will all come back and visit me on my road to publication. And I also hope this is only the beginning.

On another note, I also hope that my other resolutions are as satisfying as this! I am pretty sure the eat more chocy one will be, but as for the others, nah.

Back to the book,


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Paula said...


I realized after typing into your sidebar box that I can actually type a "real comment" in these things they call blogs. Duh.