Friday, February 03, 2006

Guess what I got in my email box today?

No, not that freaky little nekkie pic virus.. puleeeze! If some twit had actual nekkie pics of moi, he or she'd be too much blinded by my beauty (snorts) to think, much less email me about it.

Nope, I got one of the most wonderful phrases in the English language, to a writer, at least. It was: We are happy to offer you a contract with our company.

My heart went pitter pat, I cried, I squealed, I ran around the room like a twit. I even did the happy dance. I'm caucasian, it aint a pretty sight lemme tell ya.

I had submitted my story and had to revamp and then resubmit. I didn't actually think I'd made the cut, but I had. Lo and behold, I'm now in possession of not one but two publishing contracts. Me! The lil bumpkin from down in the back forty. I'm gonna be in print! The big time, the .. eh! I am just about to pass out!

And let me tell you this, every single time you get that email, it feels damn good! It is a validation of you and your writing. Its something you create yourself, from whole cloth, out of your wacked out imagination that nobody else can claim or take from you. It's mine and someone else wants it, therefore it must be valuable. Yes, I do have tears in my eyes. Yes, I did do my dedications and I did cry then too. I'm such a big old whinge as Kitta would say. Kitta is my foreign friend, as I call her. She has all these little weird phrases that I love and sometimes understand on the account of my addiction to BBC TV in my old age and Dr. Who in my misbegotten youth.

As a writer I have my share of witty moments. I know I am verbally skilled at least on paper or the keyboard rather, but, when you have someone else say it, it just seems more true. Thanks so much for all that have stuck by me and helped me to get through the OMG I suck! phases that I go through with alarming frequency.

So, to all those little voices in my head. Here's your chance to shine. To all my insane mad cow friends, here's you chance to hear me whine.

Coming Soon....

Jenna Leigh


Jim said...

That's GREAT NEWS!!!

Jenn said...

Thanks!! I'm hoping this year just keeps getting better!

J.Ellen Smith said...

Now behave yourself and get back to work!!

What's that you say, you've not heard from your editor yet?

(sigh) Well okay, squeal a little. And then when Karen contacts you... Get crackin'!

And congrats. You worked hard to get that contract, you deserve a chance to celebrate.


Jenna Leigh said...

Ack! She caught me shirking! Well, Ok, not really. I'm looking into domains and things of that nature. Ugh.. gross, and yeck

Angela said...

Congratulations!!! I'm really happy and excited for you! I knew you would get published, you're much too good of a writer not to be.