Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oooh, Johnny in a poofy shirt!

And long hair! Yippee skippy! My day has been made brighter by this sight alone. *sighs* Johnny is way on up there on my freebie list.

Apparently this movie Libertine is all about Johnny being depraved, debauched and hopefully, disrobed. Add to that the period costumes, corsets, ruffles, etc, and that's just the men! LOL. Plus he's bitchy, mean, nasty and apparently 'always up for it' with the ladies. A man that writes plays and does one for the king of England that is not very nice at all. A smartass, in other words. Hell yeah!

I may even go see this in the theater and for me, that's saying something as I am the champion wait for the DVD type of girl. I hate the theater, its smelly, dark, and the floor is sticky with what I am hoping is soda, but I aint betting on it. Plus people bring their screaming children to the darned things and allow them to whoop it up and down the aisles like heathens.

I will NOT have my Johnny time interrupted in this fashion. I'll bombard them with popcorn, see if I don't. On second thought, perhaps I should wait for the DVD. My family is used to my fits and foibles.

JOHNNY.. wow.



Mary Stella said...

Wow is right! Whooooo, Johnny.

FeyRhi said...

God I love good-looking men in long hair **glaring at hubby for cutting his off**
Johnny looked amazing in "chocolat" as well. Although he can morph from this incredibly yummy eye candy to a really yucky greasy slimy looking creep. Personally I like him better with lots of hair

maureen"Mo" said...

That man has charisma and he can act. Giving him a patented *dreamy sigh* ewww on the movie theatre floor but can you just imagine him on the Big screen all larger than life?
^5 on the panster's progress

Karen said...

Shoot, I still remember him from "21 Jump Street" He may be skinny, but he does have a certain something and is a damn good actor. Not sure about the poufy shirt though - yuck.

Jim said...

Yea, that's some shirt alright...
: O