Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tomorrow is Humpday !!

This Thursday is my hubby's bday. He'll be 37. Older than me and that's all that counts. Anyhoo, I love the man. So, I decided to do a little tribute to him today, in case in the festivities, I forget.

This is a slightly raunchy rendition of his favorite dragon named Nawty Ned with drunken revelry as the theme.

The picture, drawn by him, of course depicts the debauchery that can be found in our fair city of New Orleans this time of year. That's right, it is Mardi Gras again, yall. Les Le Bon Temp Roulle (spelling?) and in the immortal words of Nawty Neddie, "Lets git drunk, nekkid, and pretend we're married."

Happy Birthday Bill!!!

With Love,



Karen said...

Happy bday to the Bill and love the pic - now go do something *really* nice for yo' man!

Mechele Armstrong said...

Happy birthday to Bill!