Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sexiest Man Alive

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My real pick for Sexiest man is this guy, but hey, I'm not the owner of the magazine..

I'm a romance author, right? So, technically it could be considered research if I say, SNATCHED the People's Magazine off the rack at the Hellmouth and tossed it into my buggy faster than a choc-o-holic pulls the wrapper off a Hersey's Kiss. I'd know about that, as I'm addicted to both handsome faces and the cocoa bean's wonderful by-product. I need inspiration for my leading men after all. They have to have that certain something that makes women want to hop into bed with them, to read about them for over five pages, and well, I mean.. *sighs* Fine, I'm shallow as crap! On one of my loops today I admitted freely that I'd never read the articles in Playboy if I were a man. I also buy books for the cover, and what a cover this book had.

Two words: George Clooney

By themselves they aren't too much, ok, Clooney is a pretty well-known name in Hollywood. Rosemary was a wonderful woman, warm, witty, fun and her voice made you stand up and take notice. Nick Clooney, not so much, but I think he's handsome too.

However, George has always been this mouthwateringly handsome man with dark eyes and a snarky smile that lets you know he's thinking bad things .. or hoping he is anyway. He's also got this sarcastic wit that he usually aims at himself that I really love. Lot's of women realized his sex appeal in ER, but I've I've loved him since he was in Facts of Life, therefore, I have dibs. Yes, I am that old, yall shut up.

If it were only George in the magazine, I'd be happy, but imagine my delight when I turned the pages (wet with drool as they were, I did manage) and found Matthew McHottyheyhey and oh my stars and garters, Hugh Jackman as well, urm.. I may sort of kinda you know think he's kinda hot. *coughs* I flipped past some of the less than stellar entries, and almost thought the rest of the book was a bust I see Johnny Depp (OMG!) and ooh yeah Josh Holloway, who is fast becoming one of my favorite reasons to watch TV. Ah, yes, life is good. Damn the research.. I'm just gonna stare until I rub the glossy sheen off, then maybe I'll go and buy myself another copy. I do wonder if they are tax deductible and if I get paper cuts, can I get workman's comp?

Jenna Leigh
The Shallow Gal


L.B. said...

*pouts* i thought you thought I was the sexiest man alive. *sniffle*


Mary Stella said...

Not Shallow -- Discerning. Appreciative. Never Shallow.

Jenna Leigh said...

Ooh, I like the way you think, Mary.. Discerning makes me sound all smart.. hmmm.

And LB, you'll always be sexy to me.. but you know.. that's Hugh up there.. HUGH! *sighs* But I do love you bestest.. how's that?

Toni Lea Andrews said...

I'm very fickle with the whole sexiest man alive thing. There's a group of about fifteen at any given time and #1 is usually the most recent one I saw in a picture/movie/TV Inteview, etc.
So, since you showed a picture of Hugh...

Mechele Armstrong said...

I like Mary's comment.

Nice picture.

I liked George in his Facts of Life and ER days. He's okay now.

Hmmmm not sure who'd i'd pick for sexiest man alive. Maybe Hugh...

Jenna Leigh said...

*gasps at the maybe comment* Ooh bad Mechele bad! I'm telling the sexy mofo po po on you! (hugs) Guess what? Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!