Thursday, November 02, 2006

Spellfire Moons Makes a Joyful Noise on the Review Front

High Chairs and High Stakes takes a fun loving good witch and teams her with a vampire, just awoken from a deep sleep that is still trying to learn about life in this new century. Erin and Matthias burn right off the pages, and when you add cutie Aurora it makes a simply wonderful threesome against the coven. Erin just doesn't take herself seriously, but she does take keeping those she cares about safe very seriously, and shows Matthias that life can have the fun parts too. Matthias, sexy, British and a vampire who has an adorable little girl that he adores --I just can't add to that. And what he does with that voice to earn a living...well you will just have to read the book, but it made me laugh out loud being both perfect and unexpected. I was laughing and cheering for them from the start to the end. Ms. Leigh has given the vampire story a new voice and let the humor come out in it. I already plan on re-reading this story several times.

Oooh, they like me..they really like me!! *grins* Thanks so much Joyfully Reviewed!!

To read what the wonderful and wise, Jo has to say about all the Spellfire Ladies, go here
Joyfully Reviewed

And tomorrow is Friday, too, wow, it can't get any better than this yall!!

Doin the Redneck Rhumbah,

Jenna Leigh

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