Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So, I watched a movie that isn't for kids.

I've begun to like my child working at McHell quite a lot. It frees mine and hubby's evenings up for things like watching Clerks II without having to worry if MAYBE she shouldn't be watching that sort of thing. The answer is no, she isn't gonna. I'm not really sure if I should have watched it, but I'm glad I did. I love revisiting the old characters and meeting the new ones. Elias was funny, and hearing about Mr. Pillow Pants made me laugh so hard my head hurt. Do I want to watch it again? Do I have a choice is the real question. My hubby's movie habits are somewhat obsessive if you must know. He'll watch the movie until he's got it memorized and then he'll watch it again.

Anyoo, the movie was the raunchiest, crudest, silliest mess I've ever had the fortune to watch. I love the Dante character, because I've been a clerk myself. I've never been a dealer, but umm Kevin Smith is back as Silent Bob, and yeah Jay, the poster boy for Ritalen is back too, though, he seems to be more.. erm.. mellow? Maybe they sprang for him some qualudes this trip or something, I dunno.

I recommend this but only to those that don't get easily offended because they cover it all: sex(of all sorts), drugs, religion, race, creed, bestiality and if that wasn't bad enough, they even pick on LOTR and the poor Transformers. Gah! But, I liked the ending.

Oooh, but I did see the trailer for another one that I am SO going to see one that seems to have just hooked a hose up and SUCKED my hubby's life then blew it out onto the movie screen called FanBoy. It's all about STAR FREAKING WARS! (see previous post titled I am a Star Wars Widow) There is a scene where StarWars geeks meets the Star Trek WARRIORS *ahem* that made me hoot. Of course, I know and you know that if that ever happened I'd *coughs* I mean Star Trek would win. Yes.. cause I mean, I'm not a Trekkie, oh no no, a Star Wars Fan and a Spock Lover cannot co-exist all know that. It would be a warzone, and I'll say again, I'd win.

Spocks Gurl 4-ever
(oh, shut up, Glamazon)

Jenna Leigh


Karen said...

OH GAWD ~ the Star Trek psychosis continues. When will you come over to the Dark Side? It's ever so much more fun here ~ we have all the good drugs. Clerks 2 ~ can't WAIT to see it. Love the Jay and SB.

Mechele Armstrong said...

LOL at the star trek warriors.

I've not seen clerks yet but like Jay and Silent Bob.

A non kids movie. One day...

Mary Stella said...

I haven't seen Clerks 2 yet, but I love Kevin Smith's movies. Must get DVD!