Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It has been brought to my attention

That I left yall hanging on the Hellmouth Debacle. The Redneck Hall of Shame will have to do without me as Devil Daddy showed heretofore hidden intelligence by shaggin his arse out the door when he heard my mother's sweet dulcet tones. LOL So, disaster avoided, this time.

Today is humpday, all is downhill from here. Hope to have more news soon on the writer front. For now, just reviewing books, doing contest stuff, and some interview questions. All in all, a slow and lovely week.

Chats tho, lots of chats with Coffee Time and Midnight Showcase. So, stop by either place to check them out.

1 comment:

Mechele Armstrong said...

Hope you have more news soon! And will check out the chat schedule *G*