Friday, August 04, 2006

At Last My Day Has Come Along

My long wait is over
The weekend is like a song...

Etta James sang it differently, but I mean it just as much.

Friday is here, finally!

I say this word a lot on this day, to keep me from uttering that other famous f-word and getting fired from my icky day job. The one that keeps me in undies, chocy and internet, all of which I need, not necessarily in that order. I can do without undies. Who'd know besides my insane hubby? And he is nutters, his addiction to Star Wars, Barry Manilow, Shark Week and Raisin Cain's, not to mention myself, proves this beyond all shadow of a doubt.

Oh yeah, I put myself in there with his quirky little things he can't get enough of, surely you don't think I don't know my own faults. I'm goofy, weird, bitchy, zany. I have a smart mouth, a sharp tongue (not like that, but now that you mention it, that is probably one reason he puts up with about 99% of the crap he does mmm) and basically, I'm just not always the best of people to have around. Plus, I'm not always there, whether it's emotionally or physically, or both. I go into Lala land at every opportunity, if pushed, I'll fly there at the speed of freak and glare at you from my perch in the Bitch Monkey Tree all the better to spit curses at you from a safe distance.

He knows it, and yet he stays.. why? I don't know why, hell, but I'm glad he does.. most days.

But.. he .. hovers.. thinking I'm a fragile little hothouse flower unable to care for myself. *insert big old heehawing snort here* I love him though for thinking this.. but er.. yeah ..

Case in point..

I want to go to New Orleans this OCT for the KCon.. I know it is sold out, and I know I have a snowball's chance in hell of actually seeing the great SK, but you just never know, right? I do know I will get to see the Glamazon, Madame Meme, and Nee Eye Jo though, and that's good, seeing the creator of the Dark Hunters would be gravy. Plus, I'd probably keel over and choke on my spit if I did see the woman who kick started me into actually writing something that got me started writing at all!

That's right.. Sheri.. is my MUSE.... *sighs* I lurve her.

I only hope there will be room for me in Glamazon's extra room she rented for all her damned SHOES! Neener neener.. can't get me .. well, at least not til October huh?

Every Rose has its Thorn..
Mine are tipped with razor sharp barbs loaded with poison, and if that isn't bad enough, the flower talks, and it nags nags nags.. bring it on NOLA, I'm yo huckleberry.


Mechele Armstrong said...

Good luck on making it there. It's going to be a great time. I know of several people going, including Mel, Maureen, Solvara, Star, I think, and I do believe the infamous Nippsy.

Karen said...

And ME too, of course, but the Jennster already knew that, didn't ya? *sighs* I will do my best to make room for you but I can't promise you won't be bumped in favor of a pair of new winter boots I may not be able to pass up. My advice? Be VERY VERY nice to me, hahahahahahaha!

Oh, and you know that the whole time I was reading your blog, I was imitating you in my head like I did during our IM the other night. *grin*

Angela said...

I shall be there as well and Jenn, Sherri is as wonderful as you think she is. ( I got to meet her a couple of months ago) As for Karen and her shoes, it's not the shoes you have to make room for, it's all her bags and purses. *G*