Sunday, August 27, 2006

Four Steps to Diva-dom

Lola's life is so boring her friends decide to help her liven it up with a 4-step program guaranteed to make her a brand new woman. She never counted on meeting Remy. What happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay there.

4 Steps to becoming a Diva..

1. Drink at least three diva type drinks.
She never drank; it always caused her to babble about the most inane things. She'd tell her underwear size by the end of the night.

2. Make sure to only buy the first of those.
How in the hell did you make someone buy you a drink? That smacked of begging.

3. Ask the hottest guy you see to dance.
Oh. My. God! Maybe she could buy a really strong drink at first. Liquid courage was the term she had in mind. She could be a drunken diva.

The last thing on the list to become an absolute complete diva was something she doubted she'd do and really, how would these two idiots know? As an only child, she'd developed a wicked imagination. As an adult woman, she'd bought a lot of dirty and deliciously smutty books to keep her imagination alive. That meant she had lots of material to steal, because number four was the one that they thought the most important of all.

4. Take the hotty home and ride him like a trick pony, Ms.Diva!
Lola felt someone staring at her and looked up. A pair of bright green eyes met hers and she felt a bolt of heat slide down her spine and straight into the stupid thong she'd been forced to wear with this silly excuse for a dress. Did she say oh my God already?



Becka said...

Someone likes their banner. Hmm, who could that be?

**taps chin**

Their name escapes me just now....

**taps foot**

Wait, wait, wait, it'll come to me, just lemme think....



Jenna Leigh said...

Its ME!! MUAHAHHAHAHAHAAH.. I dunno who made it for me.. maybe this person named, I dunno.. BECKA!!!!!! (hugs)