Sunday, August 13, 2006

You must submit

No, this isn't that type of blog. Well, not tonight anyway. *grins* I was talking with a fellow author and said if we don't submit our work, we won't get offered anything. After a brief silence, she said in a voice loaded with a brand of hostility that says I am so right. "Shut up."
Oh, she wasn't really mad, just angry at herself and me for not doing it.

We made a pact then and there to motivate (read bitch at) each other to write on something for submissions each and every day. All it takes is..

Courage.. (hence the little Cowardly Lion picture)

We're both in the same boat. We can't let go of our babies, let them fly free of the nests and say they're ready to be books as opposed to works in progress. They're so cute when you start them out, then they go through that awkward middle saggy phase before you get to the end and have to polish them. I suppose that could be called the all imporatant, first molting or er..edit.

The creative process is often a violent one, much like birth and death all wrapped up together. In fact, depending on your subject, you can write all that into one book along with the requisite sex drugs and rock n roll of course. You can never have too much of the last three in my opinion, though, I always see Billy Idol when I think of them. In the midnight hour, she cried more more more. What was she crying for more of, sex drugs or music with rocks in to quote Terry Pratchett. While I'm sure Billy's inspired many a woman to do some bad bad things, who will inspire me to send my work into someone who'll do something with it? A writer needs readers to be an author, in my book anyways.

Paranormal Romance with a twist of humor seems to be what I'm good at, and I love it. So far, I've got quite a few finished, one submitted to an agent (yes I said submitted) another turned into my publisher. (she probably hates it..*sniffles*) And a few more I may have ready to go out as well.

If I only had..


I follow my own road, that well traveled psychopath. The journey is paved with the misadventures of my zany and well-established ability to twist and turn a phrase into madness without much effort at all.

Go with your strengths, and my gene pool, unlike what most people think of us southerners, (yes you, back in the corner, I see you smirking) is varied. My family tree, while twisted, does fork, in many unexpected directions too. I wish there was a synopsis writing savant hanging around on it somewhere but nooo, all I have are.. *blinks* Never mind, about them we don't talk about the next of kin.

I'll write the sucksnopsis all by myself.

Courage.. *shudders*

So, here I am, Jenn the Cowardly Redneck, who wishes she were over the rainbow with the Scarecrow and the Tinman. Although being told to follow the Psychopath by Meme the Goodwitch of the South, just doesn't really make me feel all that damn comforted to tell you the truth. I think she's going to follow me in her Baba-Mobile followed by Glamazon in her Highheel Hotwheel just to make me freak out and hit a paranoid pothole so they can laugh when I fall and Kitta puts theose bloody wetas on me. Then all will listen to me scream like a little boy. (You heard me right so don't bother to reread that last sentence.)

The road to submission is filled with good sentences, paragraphs and chapters. Hell, it's even got a prologue and epilogue. What it don't got is a synopsis. I hate them and personally think they were invented by either the Nazi's or Satan himself to torment me. I shall overcome, however, and triumph over the evil of the dreaded and hated torment that lies within. All I need is


The Cowardly Redneck

Or... Am I? This instead!!

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Karen said...

Christ, you whine a whole hell of a lot. Meanwhile, you've submitted more stuff than most everyone I know, AND promo'ed the hell out of yourself at every opportunity you get. So you *are* doing all these things, and doing them well, too, I might add. Sheesh, quit whining and give yourself some credit, promo ho. Submissions ho, too. Sheesh.

Mechele Armstrong said...

A submission ho, huh?

Yes, that submission and that sucknopsis have to get written. You aren't alone in hating those things by the way. Most do.