Saturday, August 12, 2006

Blondes have more fun, right? Oh be quiet!

This is me, or a comic book rendition drawn by the hubby. He feels that this is a true to life representation of what I can become if you deprive me of the things that I feel are necessary in life.

1. Caffeine
2. Nicotine
3. Chocolate
4. Internet

Ok, so I decided to highlight my hair. Yes, I know I'm a brunette that leans toward a dark almost black tone. So, what? I am turning gray, and decided why fight it, go with the flow and turn it to my favor, and highlight it. *snorts*

Therefore, I let my insane evil teen queen loose upon my head with what amounts to a labotomy tool. I'm not joking. This was a small metal knitting needle with a sharp end that she took supreme satisfaction in using to extract vengeance for each and every slight perpetrated upon her by myself either real or imagined.

It went a little something like this.. Picture me with one of them plastic caps on my head, which only fit right if you are a Conehead.. pah!

Mozilla:*Poke*.. hehhaahaha
Me: OW!
Mozilla: *Poke*..hehahahahah..
Mozilla: hehehehhhah oh hush. *Poke*

And hubby would come and check on us before running away again. He went to sleep before it was finished. She walked into the bedroom and he blearily looked up and automatically said. "Honey, your hair looks great." She then informed me that he was very well trained. I informed her that I'd worked hard on that and she should be damn proud. She said she was.

Thus, I am now a blonde, albeit a brassy one. *growls* A blonde.. ME!! I am not blonde material. She's a blonde, you know. In that, Brittany Spear-ish/Jessica Simpson-ish/Jessica Alba-ish way.. I'm not insulting her, she's a beautiful girl, my daughter. Her skin is a clear golden bronze, her eyes are the darkest brown and ..well, I hate her! So, she decides the get her revenge by turning me into this.. this.. BLONDE PERSON!! AAAAAAACK!

Now, I must make my way post haste to the Helmouth to buy something to fix it.. Two trips in two days, this is the best revenge she could ever devise.. I can hear her doin a bwhaahaha laugh.. She's good, very good, *sniffles* I'm so proud.

Jennzilla the Temporary Blonde
Proud Mother of the Mozilla


cray said...

Please don't deprive us well deserving fans of a picture. Blonde indeed.....nope can't even imagine, not a mental picture out there for this!

Jenna Leigh said...

Nooooooo! There shall be no pics of this travesty of follicilism. Is that even a freakin word? I don't care! I won't do it! Besides, I've got the color and I'm using it tonight, and Mo ran the batteries down on the camera taking pictures of her own freaky little self! So Nyah! Thank gawd for a self luvin teen! Neener neener! No blonde Jenn's on the internet!!