Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Something strange is afoot at the Circle J

Happy Hump Day and it's all down hill from here. We're gonna slide down that slippery slope to Friday. Yes, that's right, I've begun to bandy the F-word around on my blog a few days early. Why? Because this is my blog and I can if I wanna. I figure if Friday hears itself being talked about maybe it'll run over and see what I'm saying, that way, maybe, just maybe, I'll get to the weekend a little faster. I'm not going to hold my breath on that, because blue is not one of my good colors. I'm more of a purple type of person, if you must know.

So, what's happening in my life? Not much unless you count the little twits stealing gas out of my car at night. That's right, I'm onto them. And I'll be watching, tonight and every other night. You never know when myself or the Mozilla will tap them on the shoulder with what they HOPE is an nonlethal weapon and say "This aint the damn Quickie Mart!!"... In fact, just now, I went outside and hollared at the top of my lungs..


Yes, it did make me feel all happy inside. Tomorrow, I'll have spotlights, cameras and perhaps a supersoaker which I've had sitting in the fridge. Mozilla and Jennzilla are on the case. We've deputized Bear (a pom) and Kitty (a chow mix) and they will bite anything that moves, unfortunately, this includes us as well. *sighs* K-9's, they aint. In the case of poor tiny Bear, he's not even a K-2, he's so little, but he more than makes up for it in attitude LOL. Kitty, while large, is too soft and sweet, but she will follow Bear's lead in all things and he's mean as all get out, my ankle will attest to this.

Oh, the life of a redneck girl.
Jenna Leigh
aka Barney Fife

PS: Mozilla wants it known that she is doing this under protest as she is quite sure a bug will get in her hair and some junk. Like, mother, Gawd!!!! I want it known that I will not have those long legs wasted, she will be running.. She's the young cop in this equation, I'm the loud mean one. Art imitates life.. ffthththh

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cray said...

O'Honey @ 3.00 a gallon I'd break their legs first just for fun! Know you'll handle the sit-chi-ation just fine but beware of todays teens. Might be better if Young'Zilla takes'em out...less chance of a law suit if a girl beats you up. (or at least their Daddy's won't come over looking for a brawl)