Saturday, September 02, 2006

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your keyboard

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What do you do when your muse says..

That isn't right you know. You need to change it to something else. Here.. just let me do it, honey. Go on shoo, go and do the dishes or something. *cracking of Muse knuckles*

When you come back, your WIP resembles nothing like you left it as. My story started out as a paranormal romantic comedy involving a woman that was a Pantherwere but didn't know it until she met up with another one who sort of woke her up to the truth. But then, it all shifted into this zany, goofy, and if you must know, much better story of a woman who just wants to be something a little less boring. Be careful what you wish for Lola, honey, you just may get more than you bargained for. Dammit, don't you hate it when the muse is right? She gets all smug with me and sniggers in my head.

It makes me want to smack her. I know she's stealing my chocolate too, you know. That heifer has been in my emergency rations snacking late at night, typing on my keyboard and leaving trails of aluminum foil wrappers beneath my chair. The cat loves it too. He bats them back and forth across the floor with the abandon of a cat half his age. The twit. She's winning him over to her side. Very soon, she'll learn to open the cat food cans and he'll no longer need me at all. I'll be assassinated in the night, you just wait!!

Back to my story, if it is still mine. These things have a way of getting away from me, and growing into something all on their own.

Lola is out on the town with her two insane friends, twins, Mia and Tia, who've dared her to do something out of her ordinary. She's agreed and now she's netted a total stud named Remy Fontenot, who's in town for his first vacation in five years. Remy's sure Lola is up to something, but as long as he gets in on the action, he could care less. However, Lola's mother has skeletons she wants to stay in the closet and when she makes a fateful phone call, her past comes back not to haunt her, but Lola in the form of a very eccentric family that she didn't even know she had. A midnight ride in a Concord later and it's culture shock for a woman who firmly believed that What happens in Vegas....

Well, you know the rest.

Ok, so you don't but if I told you, that would so spoil the end, right?

Love ya, happy Labor Day

Muah or is it muahahaha?

Jenna Leigh

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